Pets need nutrients too

Our pet’s metabolism is not much different than ours. Cats have a few more things to worry about than dogs, but dogs are a lot more similar to us than most realize.

I’ve helped a handful of dogs recover from illness or carry out long term detox the same way I recovered my own health, which is with food, supplements and a low stress natural environment.

I gave Cookie Bear a second chance at life by cooking her real food and giving her iodine and a handful of other important nutrients. I helped Scooter woof a few more years. I detoxed my girl Kiwi after I ignorantly brought her for full schedule injections when she was a puppy and spayed her before her first period. And Tootsie my other yorkie is one of the happiest and healthiest dogs other than a few minor issues she has as a small breed.

I’ve been able to do all of this by applying the same concepts from human health to dogs while making sure certain nutrients are ok for them.

I will expand on resources for our pets shortly. For now I have a few other pages to read if you are interested.

Read about Cookie’s second chance at life

And a little about Dogs and iodine in general

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November 29, 2023

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