The Iodine Protocol

The iodine protocol is a set of nutrients which help us restore our iodine levels.

As Dr. Brownstein has worked with patients and successfully helped them restore their iodine levels and regain their health, he has shared some of the common nutrients which help the process.

He also works with his patients to address outstanding digestive issues or nutritional deficiencies. There is a bit more to this than throwing a few nutrients at some tired and hungry cells.

A protocol is just the idea of instructions and materials used to utilize something properly. Most supplements have instructions on how much to take and how often, or they say to follow whatever instructions doctor says. The Iodine Protocol is the same thing, but there are various forms of iodine which adds confusion, and a handful of other nutrients that are required to utilize iodine properly and mitigate the potential detox reactions.

It can take a little time to learn about each of the supporting nutrients in order to feel safe taking them. But, if it doesn’t look like we’ll have time to learn enough about starting iodine and these nutrients, it might be worth looking into kelp for now, which has small amounts of iodine as well as other nutrients. Otherwise, just keep learning a little about each nutrient as you have time. 

The dosages recommended for the supporting nutrients are based on the idea of taking 50mg of iodine. A lot of people start with lower doses of iodine and move up slowly. 

No matter how much iodine we consume, we still want to have the other nutrients available to our body. We just may not need the full amounts while we are only getting small amounts of iodine as well as don’t have cells running in full gear yet.

If you are new to iodine and/or feeling overwhelmed, you may want to read where I do my best to put this situation into perspective. We have a lot to learn about here because we’re finding methods which allow us to do a lot of healing.

I explain on the homepage of my other site how we need to make sure a few things like stomach acid and electrolytes are in check or we may end up going in circles.

Dr. Brownstein’s Iodine Protocol

  • Iodine Up to 50mg – Dr. Brownstein used to start people at 50mg, but apparently has recently been starting at lower doses like 12.5mg. I started with 2.5mg per day and added 2.5mg to my amount each week. Anytime I felt detox, I stopped iodine and researched my symptoms and tried nutrients related to the issue. Read more at
  • Unrefined Salt 1/2 teaspoon – Unrefined just means quality natural salt that has not been refined and mixed with toxins for anti-caking etc. – Read more at
  • Magnesium 200mg – 400mg – More body weight and activity can increase demand. I try to get small amounts of chelated calcium as I take magnesium. I aim for 4 times as much magnesium as calcium. – Read more at
  • Selenium – 200mcg – 400mcg – Some people don’t utilize selenium well, and already have high levels without even supplementing. Read more at
  • Vitamin C – 2,000mg – 5,000mg – I used small amounts of sodium ascorbate at first, just to make sure I was supporting anything that might need vit C. I eat good foods that have decent C content, I don’t need as much mg from real food sources. I also work on building up all of antioxidants, instead of just loading up on one. Read more at
  • Vitamins B2/B3(ATP Co-Factors) – Considered optional, but can be important in order to utilize iodine properly. May be wise to start with, and might not be necessary to continue with consistently. Read more at

Dr. Brownstein has helped many people finally find health. He provides excellent information in the form of booksdvdspodcasts and blogs.

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