Boron is not part of the protocol, but maybe it should be.

  • It may help some people absorb and utilize vitamin D
  • It helps magnesium absorption into our bones, where 60% of our magnesium is found
  • Studies show safe and effective use towards osteoarthritis
  • Allows some people to quit using their pain killers
  • Protects against pesticide driven oxidative stress
  • Low brain electrical activity is linked to low boron
  • Boron can help with heavy-metal toxicity
  • May help with high homocysteine and low SAMe
  • May help with NAD+ which is connected to vitamin B3
  • Helps cell membrane health in a handful of ways
  • Dietary boron is inversely correlated with prostate cancer incidence1
  • Women from boron-rich areas had no indicators of cervical cancer2
  • Boron levels correlated with lung cancer, similar to HRT 3
  • Induction of Cancer-cell Apoptosis4
  • Treatment of Multiple Myeloma and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 5

More information about boron

Reversing Osteoporosis with Boron

A study showing a reduced parasite population in rats given boron

A large study showing what parasites can do to immune systems

Huge article about boron/borax

Nothing boring about boron

Which to buy

Boron comes in several forms and is pretty cheap. I was using this Pure Encapsulations Boron Glycinate for a while, but realized recently that Nestle apparently bought this company.

When I need to re-order, I’m going to try this one that has 3 forms of boron

And then I’ll probably stick with this Now brand version for a while

20 Mule Team Borax

Borax is commonly known as a laundry booster. It has natural properties that allow it to help in cleaning situations but it is technically a salt, not any type of cleaner. Lots of people consume Borax in the appropriate amounts as a much cheaper option of boron supplementation. I tried borax water for a while but was not happy with the way my body responded. It made my kidneys hurt and would make everything smell fishy, which was pretty odd. A bottle of boron is about $10 and lasts a while so I just use those. I like to move slow with any supplement anyway, so I don’t take anything every single day.

Methods of producing a solution with Borax are available on the net. Borax is available on Amazon.

Ionic Boron with 72 Trace Minerals

Available on Amazon.

I have never noticed ionic nutrients working after testing them a lot of times. But I have noticed various supplements work so many times. It may just be me, but the ionic trace mineral thing doesn’t seem to do anything for me.

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