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Borax is commonly known as a laundry booster. It has natural properties that allow it to help in cleaning situations but it is technically a salt, not any type of cleaner. Lots of people consume Borax in the appropriate amounts as a much cheaper option of boron supplementation. I use Borax most of the time and have a liquid Boron supplement for when I am too busy to mix some Borax.

Methods of producing a solution with Borax are available on the net, I may add them here eventually. Borax is available on Amazon.

Ionic Boron with 72 Trace Minerals

Apparently this is in a form that allows our body to absorb it easier. I haven’t tried larger than normal doses but I do not feel any detox with this like I do with Borax. I started with borax though and may have pushed most stuff out before trying this stuff.

Available on Amazon.

Boron has been known to help some people with arthritis

Boron is believed to assist in processes that balance minerals. It also helps minerals get in and stay in our bones and joints, where they should be. If minerals can’t get to the right places or build up on the wrong spots, it probably won’t be as easy to move our bones.

It is believed that rheumatoid arthritis could be caused by ascaris roundworm. From Dr. Clark’s parasite cleansing info(this is advanced stuff, don’t mess with this till you know what you are doing.)

Studying what an element does to parasites in a living body, is very difficult. So, there are not many studies showing boron’s effectiveness against parasites, but there are a few. There are a lot of people in the health groups that claim to have resolved minor to moderate parasite related issues by adding boron to their protocol.

A study showing a reduced parasite population in rats given boron

A large study showing what parasites can do to immune systems

Huge article about boron/borax

Reversing Osteoporosis with Boron

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September 23, 2020

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