Kelp has small amounts of iodine, which can be used to help prepare or support our body for The Iodine Protocol. Kelp also has various other nutrients, including but not limited to:

These additional nutrients can help our body utilize and process iodine.

The small amount of iodine may help us start cleaning our cells out without getting into heavy detox yet. Starting with low vs high dose is debated, but after years of research and experience, I advocate for low and slow. I think kelp might be the best way to get started. If we have detox reactions to kelp, it’s a pretty good sign we’ve either got a lot of detox ahead of us, or a very clogged set of gene pathways.

What about the radiation in the oceans?

There is a pretty common opinion that kelp is toxic due to being harvested from oceans that contain radioactive toxins. I hate to break this to anyone reading this, but this whole planet is so toxic by now. We pump about 2,200 metric tons of mercury into the atmosphere each year.1 Mercury is one step below radioactivity when it comes to toxicity to life.

Unfortunately, the oceans are a huge part of the planet, and these two seem to have a large influence on each other. Not long after Fukushima, milk samples in the state of Washington had elevated radioactive iodine levels. Cows in the US are producing radioactive milk 2 weeks after reactors malfunctioned on the other side of the planet.. and we’re worried about kelp?

Some old ‘scientific’ information about kelp made it out to be loaded with toxins, but this information was eventually realized to be based on incorrect sample volumes 2

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October 2, 2020

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