Nascent Iodine

Available under several brand names, nascent iodine is sometimes referred to as:

  • Atomic Iodine
  • Monatomic Iodine
  • Atomidine

Nascent iodine is in an atomic form. This means it has an incomplete number of electrons, giving it an electromagnetic charge. According to some, this allows nascent to be absorbed and utilized easier by our body. I have yet to see any science that shows this working any better than other, much less expensive iodine. Any claims made by nascent are using standard iodine information.

The issue I see with nascent is it’s too expensive for such a low strength iodine. I believe the cheapest I’ve seen nascent is still twice as expensive as the most expensive Lugols 2%.

I have not seen any stories of people switching from Lugols or SSKI to Nascent and finally finding healing. But I do see people saying Lugols started pushing detox for them after months of various doses of Nascent. I’ve also seen people say Lugols is too strong for them and they are going back to nascent for a while. Lugols has two forms of iodine, which allows more organs and tissue to absorb and utilize it. Sometimes this is causes too much activity for people, so they step back to nascent. Anytime iodine is too much for me, I just stop taking it and try to figure out which nutrients my body is asking for, and then resume iodine when I have energy.

Most of the time when I see someone pushing Nascent, they seem to be profiting from it. Nascent has a much larger profit margin. Taking Lugols 2% every few days would be similar to taking nascent daily, and there are simple options to buy Lugols at about 1/3rd the cost of Nascent. If purchasing Lugols in bulk or making it, the cost is even less.

There is nothing wrong with nascent, but it does not seem to be worth the price. If someone already has a bottle or does not react well to even a single drop of Lugols 2%, it seems like a great way to start slowly. Kelp, or watered down Lugols 2% may still be a better route.

Nascent is one of a handful of forms of iodine, but don’t allow these different forms to overwhelm you, any of them are better than nothing as long as we’re using the other nutrients in The Iodine Protocol. But at some point, you may want to read about the differences and benefits of Lugols.

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September 30, 2020

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