What will iodine do for you?

Iodine is a powerful nutrient

Iodine has been used for a long time. Not long ago, doctors used to have a saying about “if you don’t know where and why, give them K and I” referring to KI which is potassium iodide.

Iodine is a nutrient and a detox agent. If used properly it is capable of providing drastic changes to most people’s health.

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How Iodine Deficiency Contributes to Cancer

– Dr. David Brownstein, MD

Along with proper nutrition, iodine is helping a lot of people. Dr. Brownstein tested thousands of people and found 96% of them to be iodine deficient. If we’re all low on iodine and people that find it are having miraculous healing stories, is it not obvious what’s going on?

I thought Iodine was toxic?

There are disinfectants and cleaners that contain iodine. These would be considered toxic to consume. Only the correct types of iodine are safe to consume in the proper amounts.

Back in the day, doctors prescribed iodine routinely but a bogus study or two came out and caused a lot of people to think iodine was dangerous. After the Wolff-Chaikoff effect sent waves of fear across the planet, only a few were brave enough to get involved again.

Iodine can cause halide, heavy metal and parasite detox, some people can interpret this as an allergy or toxicity to iodine. If a person is very toxic, only a few drops of iodine can cause a decent detox reaction. Most of the time, toxins are taking the place of nutrients. So by focusing on nutrition, we may be able to replace the toxins.

Diabetics and people taking Synthroid may need to be more cautious while starting iodine. These can be indicators of iodine deficiency, and iodine will cause a lot of new processes to start happening, which can be startling or uncomfortable, especially when very low on iodine.

It doesn’t stop at cancer

People have reported success with all types of health issues. A lot of autoimmune conditions are known to be related to the thyroid, and iodine is helping a lot of people with thyroid issues.

In my travels around the net, I’ve seen a lot of people’s success stories with iodine. Everything from finally having energy to being free of serious issues.

If you or someone you know have a condition, try googling it with iodine. Chances are iodine and proper nutrition will help prevent or fight just about any degenerative disease.

Join some of the Iodine Groups on Facebook. I run a group called Iodine for Beginners 

Do I have to buy stuff?

Although iodine is rather inexpensive, there are a handful of supplements that support our body while iodine helps us catch up on things. A potentially confusing aspect to “The Iodine Protocol” is the fact that there isn’t just a pre-made or pre-packaged product we can order to get started with. Instead, we have to locate the nutrients ourselves, which has its pros and cons.

If we’re not ready to invest in the whole protocol, starting with Kelp is a great way to get our cells used to some of these nutrients.