Iodine is killing “IT”!

It’s been known for close to 100 years that iodine is one of the best solutions when it comes to inactivating viruses.

100pm molecular iodine completely inactivates SARS-COV-2 in THIRTY SECONDS1

Iodine has been known as the most effective agent against viruses since the 1918 flu caused us to focus on the best future solutions.

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Stay ahead with iodine

There are a handful of newer iodine products that have much higher levels of molecular iodine, which is the form that inactivates viruses so quickly.
Nasal Barrier Cream

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What about Povidone?

PVP-1 contains 31,600 ppm of iodine compounds, but it is only I2 that is the biocidal species responsible for its antimicrobial activity. I2 occurs in trace quantities of 2–3 ppm, but even at these levels, it is considered the best at destroying bacteria, viruses, and fungi. All the other aspects of PVP-1 only contribute to its toxicity, staining, and unpleasant taste.

What this is saying is povidone does not have the strength of molecular iodine.

What about Lugols?

Lugols is a great all around blend of iodine. It contains both KI and elemental iodine. It can be handy for this virus situation but it will likely burn more in most areas and it still doesn’t have the concentrated levels of molecular iodine like IoTech products do.

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