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Once we have a better idea which type of iodine we’d like to get started with, we have to figure out which one to order. If we’re still trying to figure out which iodine to use, we may want to read

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Quality Control

The one major difference that separates iodine is whether it is a certified supplement or just “home brewed”. Certified supplements are bottled in facilities that have routine inspection and cleaning etc. Home brewed could be using the same exact raw materials, but they are mixing and bottling in unknown conditions. Some of these home brewers have make-shift labs that are just as clean as the supplement facilities, others rinse pet fur out of their equipment as they randomly create a batch.

J. Crow, a commonly purchased brand of iodine is sold by several different suppliers on Amazon. But even when purchasing directly from their website, people have reported receiving very old product with dry-rotted droppers or what seems like watered down product. They also sell iodine in several gallon plastic containers which causes me to think they create large batches of iodine at once and allow it to sit on the shelf for an unknown amount of time before bottling and shipping. Apparently, they may replace droppers if you contact them.

Shipping cap

Some brands use a “Shipping Cap” for shipping and storage, and provide the dropper in a separate bag. This means the iodine and the rubber have not been interacting since the solution was bottled. 

Some brands use higher quality rubber droppers that do not degrade when coming in contact with iodine.

I buy iodine in a bulk 32oz quart bottle and refill small 1 ounce bottles. This is much more economical, the shipping cap keeps the bulk iodine fresh and the droppers of my 1oz bottles do not come in direct contact with iodine unless I knock it over, which is still different than shipping or storage.

By keeping my bulk iodine out of sunlight, heat and sealing with a better cap, it should last pretty much indefinitely. And by only having 1oz in a bottle with a rubber dropper that’s opened almost daily, I know my iodine is pretty fresh. Otherwise, by the time I’m finishing my bottle, it could have been stored for a handful of years and the rubber dropper could barely be making a seal anymore.

Common brands in the community

Some info about brands you may commonly see recommended across the various groups.

Optimox Iodoral 12.5 mg Lugols iodine

120 tablets $36.23 Free Shipping

Lugols iodine tablets

Each tablet roughly equal to two drops of 5%

Zen Haus 12.5mg Lugols Iodine with Selenium

200 tablets $39.00 Free Shipping

Lugols iodine tablets. Each tablet roughly equal to two drops of 5%

Selenomethionine, B2, Chromium and L-Theanine for better utilization

Miss Lizzy Iodine liquid
Miss Lizzy Iodine Tablets
Thiosel Selenomethionine Supplement
Thiosalt Detox and Adrenal Support Supplement

Miss Lizzy's Lugols 5% with Selenium & Salt

CGMP & FDA Certified USP Grade 99.8% Iodine sourced in the USA $129.00

Lugols liquid iodine


Unrefined salt

"Talisman Only" Iodine

Zen Haus and Miss Lizzy’s products are supplements which means there is a good chance they will be produced to a higher standard.

Most of these other brands of Lugols liquid below state that they are Talisman Only, which is their way of attempting to avoid liability if someone were to become injured by consuming this. Without extra regulations that supplements go through, the quality of these products is unknown without testing each one on our own.

3rdi Solutions

1/2oz Lugols 2.2% $9.99 Free Shipping

Lugols liquid iodine

Commonly recommended for great customer service

Stored and shipped with cap, includes dropper

Piping Rock

2oz Lugols 2% $14.90 Free Shipping

Lugols liquid iodine

J. Crow's Lugol's

2oz Lugols 2% $14.95

Lugols liquid iodine

Now brand Kelp

250 capsules for less than $10

Multiple natural forms of iodine

Weak doses of iodine to ease into starting

Kelp contains small amounts of the supporting nutrients


Now brand is one of a handful of brands Dr. Wilson recommends. Dr. Wilson has been reading people’s hair and balancing their nutrients while adjusting their diet for decades.


Nascent iodine

Great for beginners

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