What is Detox?

To build a solid understanding of what detox is, we need a decent idea how the body works. In order to understand how the body works, we either need to do a bunch of studying, or find some decent resources that allow us to wrap our head around enough to start visualizing what’s going on. That way we can try to imagine how different situations and scenarios might play out.

How does life work?

This topic can go in many directions. But for this page, let’s look at how the cells of our body support each other so everything can function efficiently to get through another day.

We’re made of trillions of cells that take various nutrients from our diet and environment, and convert them into whatever our body needs. But our diet and environment is becoming increasingly toxic, and our food is grown with profit in mind, not nutrition. Some of us are several generations deep into toxic behaviors that are easily overlooked for several reasons, like toxic cookware, cooking methods and storage methods, common diet or ingredients, medications etc.

Our body requires certain substances in order to proceed properly each day. Without enough of the good nutrients to handle toxins we encounter, or just a constant onslaught of toxicity, we end up storing toxins. Toxins are toxic because they don’t magically disappear, they have to be processed.. by nutrition and healthy cells.

Our body is made of cells, and most of these toxins mimic nutrients that our cells prefer to use. Over time, these toxins damage the cells that try to use them, or cause the cell to instantly shut down.

As various cells shutdown, due to the various toxins that mimic each cell’s preferred nutrient, we end up with various symptoms. This is just like when the guy below runs his lawn mower over a bunch of rocks, which will cause the symptoms of dented metal and bruised shins.

This guy is using a lawn mower to mow lawn.

This guy is using a lawn mower to fling rocks and dirt, and then bogging down and clogging the now dull blade with overgrowth.

Lawn mowers do a pretty good job mowing lawns. But if we use them to fling rocks and dirt, the mower doesn’t last very long and chances of Darwinism increase.

Our cells work in a very similar way. They don’t like running in toxic environments, and require much more maintenance and nutrition if we run into toxicity for a long time. If we push them hard enough without maintaining them, they can fail.

Some of us are out there in an overgrown field of rocks, mowing away without a care in the world. Meanwhile our mower is slowly making its way closer to random failure.

Some people really care about their lawn mower, and learn how to run and maintain them properly. Some people even get into restoring mowers, so they can last another generation.

We can do the same thing with our cells. We’ve just been trained to think maintaining anything is too difficult, and best left to the professionals. But the professionals are the ones advertising this idea, and its only because they want our money.

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February 9, 2022

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