How can I be toxic?

Depending who you ask, toxicity and detox mean a lot of different things.  It’s a very generic term and I am going to explain it the way I see it, which is the way I see most people understand it.

First you gotta be toxic

Finally, something easy to accomplish! It would be impossible to not have toxins in our body in today’s toxic world unless we were born a long time ago, lived in a bubble and had some secret nanobots cleaning our body or something.

Our homes, cars and workplaces are built from and filled with stuff that is toxic to us. People joke and go “lol everything causes cancer anymore, just do things in moderation”, so we realize what’s going on, we’ve just been trained to ignore it.

Most prepared food is produced with fluoridated water. Most of our bread and bread-like products(cereal and crackers, etc) are bleached with bromide and “enriched” with synthetic nutrients that inhibit our system. Our furniture is flame-retardant with bromide and our pools and tap water are loaded with chlorine and fluoride. Some medication is fluoride based and can cause serious damage to a person that is iodine deficient. Some of us grew up eating certain foods with trace amounts of nasty metals that build up over time. Some of us grew up drinking water loaded with lead or something else from plumbing or even nearby chemical factories.

Even with proper testing, it’s hard to know what we’re full of, but we can pretty much guarantee it’s a mess in there. Some of us are generations deep into this toxicity, as it and the parasites that love it are passed down to offspring in utero, and just by sharing living spaces and growing up in the same living conditions, lifestyles and diets.

I feel fine, I would know if I was toxic

Yea that’s what I thought. For some reason, we don’t want to admit that we live in an extremely toxic world and our bodies have been absorbing a bunch of funk for decades and generations now. Our body does a great job trying to protect us from these things, but they’re still in there, in our organs, fouling up our brain and jacking up our digestion. Each toxin has different side effects and the order that we are exposed to them plays a big role in how we’ll be affected in the long run. I had grown accustom to the way my mind and body functioned, but once iodine starting moving my toxins around, I realized my body is loaded with stuff and it has a direct influence on my personality, and the way I act and handle things throughout the day.

Just like some people can drink alcohol and get used to being hung over almost every day, we get used to the effects of these toxins and the parasites that love them. Some people have a quirky family because they are all loaded with a certain element or parasite that causes them to behave a certain way.

We understand toxins everywhere but our body

We know if we don’t change the oil in our car, we’ll most likely run into issues.

If we don’t replace the filters on our heating/cooling units in our homes, we can break the machine or get sick.

If we don’t keep stuff clean and maintained, it gets scratched and worn out.

But somehow we assume our body is immune to this phenomenon. We fill our lives with labels loaded with words we can’t pronounce and assume our body handles this stuff without issue. Then random problems start cropping up and we’re told taking a drug is our only option. The drugs just bypass cells that are starving for nutrients, and mute problem areas by disabling functionality. Now we’re still not functioning properly, as well as messing with things via poison.

Is it really a big deal worth worrying about?

This has a lot if not almost everything to do with our health issues today. We live on a toxic planet and our toxin filters have had enough, and we’re getting sick in crazy ways. Coincidence?

If we’re made of trillions of cells, and our brain depends on healthy cells to function properly, is today’s health situation also the culprit of the global situations we face today?

Even if this isn’t a direct cause, would it really hurt to try giving our body what its made out of instead of weird toxic stuff it doesn’t understand?

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February 9, 2022

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