Children and iodine

As with anything on this site, this is not medical information in any way, its just some information to help point someone in the direction they may need. I’m not going to mention methods or dosages etc. I’m going to explain how I see and would handle the situation.

The main differences between us and children when it comes to taking iodine or any nutrients, are body weight, metabolism, and ability to understand what’s going on with their body. Other things remain similar like lifestyle habits, toxicity vs nutrient levels, hereditary issues etc.

When it comes to starting iodine in general, the level of toxicity a person has, and the speed their metabolism runs at can make a huge difference in how they will respond to iodine. If we have a fast metabolism and also have a large toxicity locked away somewhere, enough iodine can quickly cause us to burn up more nutrients, and dislodge toxins that we don’t have a method to remove, at least not at the speed we’re knocking stuff loose with iodine, which is what can cause us to feel poorly.

All we’re really trying to do is recreate balance in our nutrients. But this balance constantly changes as we dislodge toxins and have new cells to rebuild all day. If we happen to be mostly free of major toxicity, and don’t have a ton of broken cells, this isn’t as complex. But if we are already on the verge of maxing out our available cells, and we start dislodging even more toxicity, and burning up the nutrients needed to handle that action, we can start running out of ability to run certain required cells, and symptoms of what’s better known as illness start to show up. As long as we can provide our cells with enough nutrients to support and rebuild the cells required to handle life and toxin removal, we can stay ahead of the curve.

The iodine protocol is controversial for several reasons. There are not many doctors with availability that understand it well. Testing for it and thyroid numbers are not 100% solid. And each of us have an unknown amount of toxins tucked away somewhere. Even with the most extensive testing possible, the best doctor possible and all the time and resources in the world, we still don’t fully understand how to support the body through detox 100%. We can test our levels, build a general idea what our imbalances are and work on supporting them, but it’s still just an attempt at supporting the body while it does unimaginable amounts of work.

How’s diet?

I’ve already noticed a pattern of families that eat clean food have children that are able to handle the iodine protocol well. Whereas children that eat processed food and sugar drinks have a hard time with it. This makes a lot of sense though, processed foods and sugar drinks are usually loaded with bromine and other toxins, which can be uncomfortable to remove with iodine. If a child is also toxic from what mom and grandmom etc have passed on, living in a moldy home, taking medications, being addicted to blue light and EMF, etc, it can be rather difficult to turn this situation around. This has a lot to do with lifestyle, emotional healing and physical toxin/nutrient re-balancing pretty much all at the same time. If we don’t fully understand this situation, it’s going to be difficult to handle a child with it.

How’s activity and illness levels?

A common issue people do not realize while starting iodine and nutritional balancing, is this really depends on lifestyle of the past few generations. Our genes are most likely turning on and off in order to handle the lack of nutrients and onslaught of toxicity. Most families tend to remain within a similar lifestyle with everything from environment and it’s levels of toxins, type of home, occupational toxicity, diet, habits, gut biome, parasite load, exposure to EMF and artificial light, etc etc.

So walking up to a kid that’s addicted to 4 generations of addictions, and asking them to start eating vegetables is essentially rude. They may not realize what’s going on with the importance of diet etc, but their parasites and gut biome does, and they aren’t going to be happy with an eviction notice.

If a child bounces home from school, willingly completes they’re homework, and happily grabs some carrots from the fridge to sit down at her favorite ‘actually’ educational tv show, she probably has enough active cells to handle some iodine.

But if he gets home from school, drops his backpack on the floor and heads to the snacks on his way to go smash stuff outside, in a video game or watch it on tv, and talks back to everything, his cells are most likely not going to enjoy much iodine for a while.

We’re all so much different

In my write up I cover the idea that there are potentially dozens of factors that influence how various nutrients may or may not work for us.

Due to this wide range of variations, there is not a set amount of any nutrients.

Some people don’t drink water. Some don’t get off the couch. Some live in moldy homes or breathe other toxins all day long which strongly inhibit their metabolism. Some people weigh 50 pounds, some weigh 500. The list goes on and on and on.

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June 27, 2021

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