How do I actually consume iodine?

The most common way people aim to absorb iodine is by adding drops of lugols liquid to at least about an ounce of water. We really don’t need much water to dilute most amounts of iodine, but we want to be able to help it down our throat.

Some people mix it with a lot of water and drink it slowly through the day.

Others add a drop directly to their mouth and chase with water. This may work if we understand what we are doing, but it could burn our mouth a little if we are sensitive. We may want to have water in our mouth before adding a drop, so it has something to mix with before being absorbed at a higher concentration.

I personally add a few drops to a small amount of water, drink it quickly, and then chases it with water.

The idea is to consume iodine at some type of dilution so we don’t possibly burn the sensitive skin of our mouth or throat.

Most of us can handle a drop of 2% in our mouth without it burning. But a drop of 5% could potentially burn us. Some of us are way more sensitive to this than others. There are a few other areas that are rather sensitive to iodine, but our mouth and sinuses are two of the more sensitive ones.

Transdermal applications

Sometimes I soak various body parts in iodine water or apply iodine directly to my skin.

Our skin can be a great way to absorb additional iodine, but it’s easy to start painting more and more areas without realizing how much iodine we are starting to apply.

More info about transdermal applications here

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