Why does my iodine bottle say external use only?

It’s rather common for people to receive their iodine and run into this question.

After reading and ordering, we get the bottle and it says something about only using it on our skin or it says “talisman only”.

So what does this mean, can we consume this stuff or not?

Unless our bottle of iodine has a standard supplement label on it with a recommended dosage, it likely hasn’t been produced in a monitored and regulated facility. Lugols iodine that is produced outside of a regulated facility may actually use the same exact raw materials and may create the same level of quality final product, but its just about impossible to know without testing the product ourselves.

On my page https://whyiodine.com/iodine-buyers-guide/ I explain how there are only a handful of sources of iodine and as long as the source is reputable we should be fine.

I also mention how there are only a handful of sources of iodine with actual supplement labels, like Miss Lizzy’s as one example.

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