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Infertility is a serious situation that affects approximately one of every six couples who are trying to get pregnant. 1 There are just under 4 million babies born in the US each year. 2 A sixth of 4 million is just over 500,000. Over half a million couples suffer from infertility. That’s over 1 million Americans every year.

Women who had moderate-to-severe iodine deficiency had a 46-percent-lower chance of becoming pregnant. 3

Iodine’s safety during pregnancy

This situation is not studied much, so it’s a difficult topic to discuss. Dr. Brownstein says while a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding, they should remain below 12.5mg of Lugols iodine per day.

There have been reports of offspring being injured by mom taking too much iodine while pregnant, but I have not located any compelling data to back this up. I find things like: out of 61 pregnant mothers that used radioactive iodine to destroy their thyroid, only 1 extremely premature newborn had low thyroid activity. 4 What I find interesting about this small study is “The radiation dose used here is much stronger than the one used in radioiodine scans” 5 while this page mentions the amount used in a scan “A single dose of iodinated contrast can contain up to 13.5 mg of free iodine and 15–60 grams of bound iodine”. 6 So essentially this is saying when 61 moms were dosed with massive amounts of radioactive iodine, only one newborn had thyroid issues. Keep in mind these mothers were having their thyroid destroyed which means they were already having some type of imbalance issues. I wouldn’t be shocked to find out the babies in this study were better off due to mom’s dose of iodine. The radioactive aspect likely has other consequences, but having enough iodine during development is very important.

Similar to when anyone takes iodine, the iodine itself doesn’t seem to be the issue. The toxins that iodine is able to knock loose are what we have to be careful with. This is why I think it’s important for anyone to focus on nutrition while slowly moving through small amounts of iodine. If the iodine ever causes us to feel unwell, it means we’re knocking something loose that we don’t have the nutrients to clean up.

Iodine’s role in health and making babies

An adequate amount of iodine is known to support:

  • Proper thyroid function
  • Balanced thyroid hormones
  • Balanced ovulation and menstrual cycles
  • Balanced metabolism to support immune system and weight 7 management

Read more here:

Increased fertility in fallopian tube procedures

A procedure called hysterosalpingography (HSG) was first used in 1917. Water or oil-based solution would be flushed through the fallopian tubes while they watched through an X-ray. They watched the X-ray to see if the flow stopped in places it shouldn’t. But there were unintended benefits.

Iodine was used as the contrast agent in both the water and oil-based solutions.

29% of infertile women that flushed their fallopian tubes with water-based iodine solution in preparation for an X-Ray achieved successful pregnancies within six months. 40% of women in the oil-based solution achieved within six months.

“Although hysterosalpingography was introduced as a diagnostic test, it has been suggested that tubal flushing directly increases pregnancy rates in the months” 8

I think this information shows that iodine has a massive influence on fertility. Imagine if these women were working their way through various doses of iodine while also balancing the other nutrients of the iodine protocol instead of just being blasted with more radiation?

Hormone imbalances

There are several issues with hormone imbalances, but it seems like the longer we have decent hormone imbalances the worse shape the whole pelvic area is in.

Prior use of oral contraceptives correlated negatively with pelvic pathology. 9

Oral contraceptives offset hormones to trick our bodies. First, this works against us as it overwhelms hormones, then it burns up tons of vital nutrients as our body attempts to process the excess hormones. This page lists the common nutrients most birth control lowers over time and the deficiency symptoms that go with each

Iodine can help balance hormones since it is an integral part of hormone production, but diet and overall detox are important as well. There are two supplements worth looking into. One is called CDG and the other DIM. CDG helps support a process that helps break down and recycle hormones which is enough to help some people balance their hormones. DIM helps dislodge hormones that are kind of stuck. This can be helpful but it can backfire a bit if we go too quickly with DIM and our system cannot handle what is being knocked loose. I take CDG about 1-2 times a month and I take a DIM every few months. I am a guy though, so I have less use for these now that I have worked on balancing my hormones a bit.

There are some other nutrients like boron and vitamin K2 that are involved a bit with hormones. Balancing our electrolytes as well as the rest of our system is going to help as well though.

Barbara O’Neill explains how hormones work and talks about Wild Yam Cream. My wife and I did not notice the yam cream helping much but it’s possible it had something to do with CDG and other nutrients being able to help

Most people with hormone issues are most likely exposing themselves to hormones and hormone mimickers from their diet and environment. By reducing our exposure to these substances and supporting our system, we should be able to get ahead of them pretty easily.

Iodine deficiency can cause some other issues

Luckily we get a tiny amount of iodine from our soil. This is barely enough to keep us out of the danger zone though.

Areas around the world with large iodine deficiencies might see:

On the other hand, sufficient amounts of iodine in mom and baby have been shown to increase IQ by 10-20 points. 1011

There is more to this than just iodine

Iodine is an important nutrient but it’s only one of many. Our body does an amazing job tucking toxins away so we can continue attempting to enjoy life, but just about all of us have some level of toxicity by now. Our system uses nutrients to remove toxins and the toxins are only here in the first place because we don’t have the required nutrients to process them. Knocking them loose with iodine without at least giving our bodies time to figure out how to process them in some way might just make a mess. We’ll know if this is happening when we take it, but we can’t expect great results if we’re eating poor quality food and stressing our system out with all types of toxic inputs.

Making sure our prenatal is the highest quality is important, some cheaper ones don’t contain everything needed or don’t contain ingredients that are high quality enough to get the job done.

Avoiding folic acid in food or supplement is usually very beneficial for most people. We need folate or folinic acid and too much folic acid form can quickly work against us. If someone consumes bread, they may want to avoid “enriched wheat flour” which contains folic acid and other poorer forms of nutrients.

If it were me, what I would try

If I found myself in this situation what I would have my wife and myself do is:

  • Learn how to eat clean with this book and do so for at least 3 months
  • Learn about and start iodine for both myself and my wife for at least 3 months, starting at anytime
  • Learn how to follow Dr. L Wilson’s nutrient balancing methods
  • Test our DNA to locate and support any strong gene mutations while studying their potential influence on proper reproduction and health
  • I’d read the homepage of and make sure I’m working keeping everything balanced the best I can

Some more of my opinion

Please find a machine or process on this planet that can function properly when it’s been exposed to toxins while also not being supplied with the required substances and parts it needs. The toxin might be extreme sunlight, oxygen, wind, extreme temperature, buildup from wear and tear of components and lubrication, vibration, worn component, or so many different things.

Cars tend to last longer when we change the oil, give them clean fuel and use them properly. But if we go off-roading in an economy car and don’t change the oil or take care of it, it’s probably not going to last as long. Imagine a family of off-roading Fiat owners beating up their cars for generations. And imagine if these cars reproduced and passed down their toxins and lack of maintenance. How long do you think it would take them to catch up to our 60% chronic illness rate? And at what point might they finally struggle with reproducing properly as they pass down more of the wrong stuff and less of the required components for another generation of being mistreated?

Iodine is an important required substance that our body needs, but some of us are missing way more than iodine at this point. If our stomach acid is incorrect and we are not absorbing nutrients from food and we’re overloaded on histamines and our cells are oxidized we’re not going to get very far. As we rebuild our system, it can slowly make use of more iodine as we continue to balancing everything.

We’ve been beating the crap out of our bodies for generations. We’re bombarded by toxicity from 100s of angles. These toxins increase the demand for proper metabolism. Eventually, as the cells fail to keep up due to a lack of enough nutrients to handle the toxic load of the environment, those cells fail, at which point they sit in purgatory and eventually become parasite food. If left unchecked, this can lead to cells that divide rapidly if the pathogen is able to get enough weak cells to finally become strong enough.

Pregnancy is intense. Instead of racing to get iodine saturation high enough to increase fertility, it might be wise to balance other nutrients and tackle other things that are hindering our ability to detox and clean out and rebuild our whole system.

To focus on our body as a whole system, check out my other site

Starting iodine

Some of these supporting nutrients are required for most people to avoid issues when they start iodine.

Start here to learn about iodine

Learn which iodine to get here

Find the right Lugols iodine to purchase

Learn why each supporting nutrient is important

Please reach out to me if you would like help understanding this situation.

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