Iodine pregnancy

Firing up the baby factory requires a few key components. Once again, iodine may play an important role in moving forward. As we deviate from our natural diet, a few systems get out of whack, one system that takes a hit is our thyroid and the energy it produces.

Toxins also damper our thyroid and other systems, so learning how to reduce those only helps the situation. Cleaning toxins out while taking them in at high rates would be kind of silly.

Iodine’s role in health and baby manufacturing

An adequate amount of iodine is known to support:

  • Proper thyroid function
  • Balanced thyroid hormones
  • Balanced ovulation – a lack of these can contribute to infertility
  • Balanced metabolism, immune system and weight

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Iodine deficiency can cause some other issues

Luckily we get a tiny amount of iodine from our diet. This is barely enough to keep us out of the danger zone, but some areas that have even worse iodine deficiencies might see:

  • High blood pressure during pregnancy
  • Mental retardation for the baby
  • Cretinism
  • newer study links iodine deficiency to cancer

On the other hand, sufficient amounts of iodine in mom and baby have shown to increase IQ by 10-20 points. Iodine might be helping people heal some incredible diseases and give other’s their energy and life back. So, why not?

Where do I start?

That depends where your health is. If you’ve had tests and they show less than optimal levels, starting with real food for at least a month would be best. If things check out and you are taking a prenatal, you could start iodine and see how it goes. Making sure your prenatal is the highest quality is important, some cheaper ones don’t contain everything needed or don’t contain ingredients that are high quality enough to get the job done. Total health is all about less toxins in and more awesome stuff needed to filter existing toxins out, pregnancy and it’s conception will most likely benefit as well.

If it were me, what I would try

If I found myself in this situation what I would have my wife and myself do is:

  • Learn how to eat clean with this book and do so for at least 3 months
  • Learn about and start iodine for both myself and my wife for at least 3 months, starting at anytime
  • Learn how to follow Dr. L Wilson’s nutrient balancing methods
  • Have a test done for the MTHFR gene and learn more about it, it’s connected to many health conditions in offspring

Starting iodine

There are some supporting nutrients that are required for some people to avoid issues when they start iodine and others support the detox process. A lot of people order the required products and have them on hand for when they are done reading.

Start here to learn about iodine

Learn which iodine to get here

Learn which supporting nutrients to get here

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September 23, 2020

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