Boron is not part of the iodine protocol… but maybe it should be.

  • It may help some people absorb and utilize natural vitamin D
  • It helps magnesium absorption into our bones, where 60% of our magnesium is found
  • Studies show safe and effective use towards osteoarthritis 1
  • Allows some people to quit using their pain killers
  • Protects against pesticide driven oxidative stress
  • Low brain electrical activity is linked to low boron 2
  • Boron can help with heavy-metal toxicity
  • May help with high homocysteine and low SAMe
  • May help with NAD+ which is connected to vitamin B3
  • Helps cell membrane health in a handful of ways
  • Dietary boron is inversely correlated with prostate cancer incidence 3
  • Women from boron-rich areas had no indicators of cervical cancer 4
  • Boron has been shown to increase the efficacy of estrogen supplementation in both rats and humans.5
  • Boron levels correlated with lung cancer, similar to HRT 6
  • Induction of Cancer-cell Apoptosis7
  • Treatment of Multiple Myeloma and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 8
  • Boron supplementation led to a reduction in urinary calcium excretion and increased ionized calcium levels in the plasma 9
  • One of Vitamin K2’s main functions, is to place calcium where it needs to go in the body 10
  • WebMD says boron may increase estrogen. Imo this is because boron helps our body begin to balance a handful of other nutrients that are also important. As this happens our hormones shift in an attempt to balance themselves. If we do not continue working on balancing our other nutrients, and we only consume a bunch of boron, we’re going to cause imbalances that WebMD highlights. You catch my drift?

Reversing Osteoporosis with Boron

More information about boron

A study showing a reduced parasite population in rats given boron

A large study showing what parasites can do to immune systems

Huge article about boron/borax

Nothing boring about boron

Which to buy

Boron comes in several forms and is pretty cheap. I was using this Pure Encapsulations Boron Glycinate for a while, but realized recently that Nestle has purchased Pure Encapsulations.

When I need to re-order, I’m going to try this one that has 3 forms of boron

And then I’ll probably stick with this Now brand version for a while

20 Mule Team Borax

Borax is commonly known as a laundry booster. It has natural properties that allow it to help in cleaning situations but it is technically a salt, not a typical form of cleaner. Lots of people consume Borax in the appropriate amounts as a much cheaper option of boron supplementation. I tried borax water for a while but was not happy with the way my body responded. It made my kidneys hurt and would make everything smell fishy, which was pretty odd. A bottle of boron is about $10 and lasts a while so I just use those. I like to move slow with any supplement anyway, so I don’t take anything every single day.

Methods of producing a solution with Borax are available on the net. Borax is available on Amazon.

A note about Borax

These are my personal thoughts about borax that I like to point out. Some people call this fear-mongering, I call it thinking. Some people claim I use this fear-mongering to sell supplements, I call generating 1% on a $10 supplement bottle 10 cents, and a pretty lame reason to potentially scare people into thinking.

Borax is Sodium Tetraborate which is Sodium, Oxygen, and Boron. Only about 11% of this solution is boron. The toxicity level of borax is a bit higher than boron itself, yet borax only contains 11% boron, which is enough to steer me away by itself.

We use unrefined salt in the iodine protocol because refined salt is missing the other nutrients our body expects around the same time we consume sodium. The $cience that claimed salt causes heart issues was using the refined table salt form of salt which is missing the extra nutrients of unrefined salt, and also tends to have aluminum or other nasty stuff added to it. But borax contains just sodium without the extra nutrients we’ll find in unrefined salt..

Explosives before they are distributed to the borate that will be mined

Borax is a cheap powder that is mined from the earth, thrown in a box, and tossed on a shelf. Even if the company and employees mining this stuff from the earth were making good money and their equipment is maintained well, machinery has paint that slowly chips away as the machinery is used, lubricant that oozes from its joints and motor, and hydraulic fluid that tends to leak from time to time. When machinery is used to extract cheap powder from the earth, it’s most likely not maintained very well and will leak much more of these extremely toxic substances. For now, we’ll just skip over the fact that explosives are used to break apart the borate that is then mined by the machinery..

Some of the massive machinery used

Even if the machines were to avoid shedding any of these substances at this point, the powder is loaded into dump trucks that may or may not have contained only borax previously and sent to a processing facility with more unknown maintenance status. The powder is most likely checked for metal and possibly other foreign substances. But paint chips, oil or other substances will not be noticed or removed.

At this point, even if we pretend the powder is 100% pure, it’s thrown in a cardboard box. This box is stored in facilities that most likely don’t have climate control, meaning no air-conditioning, humidity control, or heating. At some point, they are shipped in unknown conditions, stored again, and eventually make their way to a shelf in a store. This is where I looked at a box of borax one day and started thinking.. I was, unfortunately, shopping at Walmart one day with my wife and happened to watch someone’s “service dog” urinate on the floor directly in front of the boxes of borax. Most people would just go “gross, I won’t buy those boxes of borax”. But this made me think of the boxes of borax I had at home.

Why did the dog urinate right there? If you’ve ever walked a dog, they tend to urinate in areas where they smell something else, either another animal’s urine or something similar. Most people would assume the dog just randomly urinated in this spot, but I am willing to bet the dog smelled something there. Did the dog smell a cardboard box of cheap powder that’s been stored in unknown conditions and potentially contaminated with mold, grease etc? I think so.

As I continued to think about this situation, I realized that borax is heavy, which means it will most likely end up on the bottom shelf, and the bottom of a pallet in shipping. Borax is a cleaning agent, which means it’s stored and sold in areas that other cleaning products are stored and sold. Have you ever noticed how potent the odor is in the cleaning aisle? That’s because things gas off and leak. So borax is sitting below a bunch of toxic chemicals that may slowly be oozing their way down to the potentially moldy cardboard boxes that may or may not have paint chips and non-food-safe grease in them..

Call me crazy, but that $10 bottle of boron pills which made their way through a supplement facility with all the regulations that go along with it, are well worth the money.

BlueBonnet Triple Boron

I have been using this brand and blend of boron for a few years.

Available on Amazon.

I only take one of these about once a week and usually even less often than that. Boron is helping me build testosterone, which causes me to have less patience. If I go very slowly with boron, I can adjust to the altered temperament without ending up having to sleep on the couch, if you catch my drift.

Although boron may not cause the same type of response for you, I think this is one more example of why it’s best to go slow with each nutrient while allowing our body to adjust. Read more about this idea at

A better blend of Trace Mineral

If you’ve been following my information for long, you’ve probably seen me mention supplements from a company called Seeking Health.

I am a big fan of their products for many reasons, but mainly because they understand how nutrients work together. Instead of selling individual nutrients, they combine nutrients that work well together.

Their Trace Minerals Complex is a great way to get our boron while also getting several other important nutrients. Check out the description of this product for the benefits of the other nutrients included in this blend.

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