Deciding which iodine to purchase can be overwhelming. Some people have no idea what iodine is, others have learned a bit but still aren’t sure how much to take or which extra supplements they need. If you want to order something now so you have it, Lugols 2% is what most people start with.

There are a three main things to look at when trying to pick which iodine is best for you. Type, Brand and Strength

Types of iodine

  • Lugols-define
  • SSKI-define
  • Nascent-define

Strength or blend

  • Lugols-define 2% strength
  • Lugols-define 5% strength
  • SSKI-define with DMSO-define
  • Iodoral-define Lugols pills 12.5mg


Types of Iodine


  • Around since 1829
  • Preferred by just about everyone.
  • Has both types of iodine our body uses.


  • Dark color that can stain certain things but the stain is usually removable.
  • Leaves stain on skin for up to about a day.
  • May lose potency over time.
  • Tastes bad.


  • Clear
  • Great for applying transdermally.
  • May not lose potency.
  • Commonly used to reduce absorption of radioactive fallout.
  • Does not contain both types of iodine our body uses.


  • Claims to be better by being ‘activated’
  • 2-3 times as expensive on average.
  • Only comes in low potency, equal to Lugols 2%.
  • Most contain gylcerin based additives, which can cause a bunch of issues we’re trying to fix with iodine.


  • Convenient pill form
  • Makes dosage amounts easier
  • More potent for some people
  • Atleast twice as expensive on average
  • Not widely available in some areas of the world
  • May not be absorbed completely, especially with a compromised gut

Brands of Iodine

3rdi Iodine Solutions

  • Preferred by most knowledgeable groups I’ve seen.
  • Is fresher, more potent and darker than most others.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Fast shipping with shipping cap and a rubber dropper that doesn’t deteriorate.

J. Crow

  • Claims to be the “Original Lugols” (it’s not)
  • Doesn’t use shipping cap
  • Uses a rubber dropper that degrades
  • Solution is lighter than others and not as potent

Strengths and Blends

Lugols-define 2% strength

  • Great for beginners or people taking low doses

Lugols-define 5% strength

  • Handy for almost any dose


  • Great for transdermal absorption


  • Great if you like expensive things

If you are only using iodine on your skin, SSKI-define may be better to avoid colored stains. If you travel a lot, pill form might be best. Otherwise, Lugols-define is always the preferred option.

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