Why am I poopin funny

When we find a nutrient that allows our cells to catch up on a backlog, our body wants to get rid of everything asap. So instead of taking time and energy to reabsorb toxic water, we export it.

Over time as we continue to get more of whatever nutrient this is, the situation should ease up. We can slow down to keep things more comfortable or we can try to push through it quickly. It depends what our day is like and how it makes us feel.

This is what detox and nutritional balancing progress looks like. Our system now has an impediment out of its way which allows us to work on the next roadblock via different nutrients. I look forward to this. I’ve gone through phases of this for months at a time which helped me feel like a new person by the time it leveled off.

Sometimes I’ll get some digestive cramps etc from something like this, but a few hours later or the next morning I’ll notice I feel a little better or have more energy which is what tells me it’s forward movement.

A really good reaction is hunger. If a nutrient does this and then makes us hungry, we are able to metabolize more and now require more fuel. More fuel might turn into more trips to the bathroom but that is more progress.

As long as we do not force huge amounts of nutrients, and we remain hydrated, and rest etc, this should just about always be beneficial progress. But we have to be the judge.

One thing I watch out for

Sometimes we inadvertently load up on too much of one or more nutrients while our system is still waiting on a nutrient we have not consumed enough of yet. And then once we finally get that last nutrient, things can start flying.

If we were to load up on enough nutrients and finally allow them to function by adding a new nutrient in large amounts, such as iodine, unrefined salt, or magnesium as only a few examples, we might cause an uncomfortable amount of detox.

This is why I’m a huge fan of trying small amounts of a large variety of nutrients. I explain this situation a bit more here whyiodine.com/pulse-dosing

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