As the iodine levels in our body rise, we stand a chance of knocking toxins, including other halides-define, loose. Bromide is a halide that is “dirtier” to our body than iodine. It’s used widely today and most of us have a lot more of it in our bodies than we realize or assume. Some of the most common detox symptoms found in iodine groups/forums, are most likely due to bromide being set loose into our bloodstream.

We’re in this mess because our body wasn’t able to detox this stuff in time. As bromide is circulating, our body is either going to figure out a way to store it in the safest way possible, or use it in a place that iodine should have been in the first place. So as our iodine levels rise, and more bromide is floating in our blood, our ability to detox needs to increase dramatically or there is no where for this stuff to go, again. This is where salt loading comes in.

Unrefined salt contains up to 75 minerals and trace elements, and possibly more depending on the type of salt and  it’s source. But table salt has all of those nutrients removed and is refined all the way down to Sodium Chloride, with some aluminum added to reduce clumping, and a very small amount of iodine, potentially from a dirty source. With Salt Loading, we’re really only after the Chloride, but we’re still most likely much better off consuming 75 nutrients, as apposed to aluminum.


Common bromide toxicity symptoms


Body: diarrhea or constipation, hormone changes, leg and hip ache,  frequent urination (mimicking  urinary infection)

Mood: Anxiety, dream changes, irritability, lethargy

Head: brain fog, headache, sinus ache, runny nose, hair loss

Mouth: dry mouth, increased salivation, mouth and tongue sores,  odd swallowing sensation

Skin: Acne, skin rash (bromaderma)

Twitching &  Jerking: eye lid twitching,  foot twitching, tingling in hands or feet, leg jerking

Salt Loading

  • 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon unrefined salt
  • 1/2 cup water to mix salt with
  • 12-16oz pure water to drink instantly after salt water

I use a mason jar because it has measurements on the side. I fill it up to 4oz which is 1/2 cup and add my salt. I swirl the jar around until the salt is dissolved. Then I drink the salt and fill the jar up to 12-16oz of plain water and drink that right away. Sometimes I notice my brain fog clear within seconds, sometimes I feel it slowly help.

If I don’t notice relief and do not urinate in 30-45 minutes, my body may have needed the sodium and used it for other processes instead of binding with bromine. If this happens, I do another salt load.

This can be done for a few days in a row if it helps pull us out of the fog, but it’s possible that our body prefers to take salt in with food as apposed to with water. So anytime I notice myself needing several salt loads to keep up, I increase my salt intake by adding it to food, and I cut back or temporarily stop iodine.

I only use Unrefined Salt when salt loading, the nasty refined stuff can be used in a pinch but can strip important nutrients when we use it, or add to our toxicity.

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