The fact that we need to detox means we have toxins. To have toxins, we need to be taking in more than we can filter out. So, reducing the amount of incoming toxins and increasing the rate in which we can filter them out, will help our health and the things we do to improve it, like slowly pushing out a ton of toxins with iodine.

When we eat real food that isn’t processed with chemicals and loaded with toxins, our body is able to switch into healing mode and sometimes this causes somewhat of a detox. As I learned more about this stuff, I looked back and realized I was going through detox phases when I started eating vegan for a bit. So just by eating the right foods, we are able to detox. Once we get cleaned up a bit with real food, we can start pushing more toxins out with things like iodine.

The more iodine we take in, the more chance it has of knocking toxins loose, if our liver and kidneys aren’t ready for that toxic load, we might feel it in the form of fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, overthinking or flu like symptoms. If we ever push our detox too far, we can attempt alleviating the symptoms by reducing the amount of toxins being knocked loose and supporting our organs with the proper nutrients.

Some of these toxins can bypass standard detox methods, like when someone uses Salt Loading. But this does not work all the time and should only be used sparingly(apparently some doctors recommend salt loading every single morning, maybe this is only if people are very low or imbalanced on sodium). Anytime I push detox too hard, I back off of anything that can push more detox and make sure I’m supporting my filtering organs the best I can.


Most of our toxins can come from our diet

The first step in all of this is learning how to eat real food. This is a combination of removing the really bad things and learning how to properly balance the good things. By simply removing  the really bad things, we feel better, save money and gain a little traction in the battle of taking our health back.


Making our body run properly

Our body requires 0 grams of refined sugar, zilch, nada. This stuff provides us with a tiny amount of energy and the rest is mainly converted into fat. Even if you are a skinny person, this small amount of fat has the ability to start transmitting hormones that may not have an effect now, but could in the future when you try to get rid of them. Sugar is like really bad m’kay? Netflix has a few good sugar documentaries and the net is loaded with good info. If you assume you don’t consume much sugar, start reading labels, its in everything. It comes in many names as well. This product(a children’s snack) contains 6 types of sugar with an additional sugar alcohol.

Become a hipster! Or wait, no, a hippy! Or which ever one uses all natural body care crap and farts around with all that organic nonsense. We apply shampoo, an unknown concoction directly to our thinking cap without even thinking about it, ironic. Simple stuff like deodorant and toothpaste could have drastic effects on our health, but we’ve been using them forever so we just continue to do so. That refreshing sensation of the warm steam in the shower is just the chlorine and fluoride gassing off, providing us with a nice effervescent dose.


Eating less toxins

When we blindly shop the grocery store, we’ll end up with products that are based mainly on animal products, ground grass seed(bread, crackers, etc), and sugar. Unless the animal products are organic, they are most likely loaded with growth hormones(and similar substances that mess with our hormones) that continue to do their work after we consume them(stop and think about that for a second if you are having issues with weight loss). Extra hormones from our diet do not play well with our insides, look into the health of animals grown on these hormones, along with the intended weight gain, they also have increased health issues, another reason to avoid eating them. Grass seeds(grains) aren’t exactly meant to be eaten by humans, even if they were, we ‘enrich’ them today by adding iron shavings and other crap, I’m not even gonna get into why I think this stuff is added. And we already went over sugar. This pretty much leaves us with organic meat and fresh and frozen veggies, also known as food. And by cutting out all the unhealthy nonsense we just learned about, we should have plenty of money for our newly found food.

That is step 1, eat food that adds to your health, instead of junk that takes away from it. Although this concept may be easy to grasp, it includes difficulties such as learning how to store and cook this new fangled food stuff. Another tough one is killing your sugar dragon, some studies suggest sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Depending how much sugar you consume regularly, killing your dragon may be intense and include some interesting detox effects(warn your household if you decide to cut the sugar, maybe even attempt getting them to quit this drug at the same time). But, this experience can also be a great one. I’ve enjoyed many extra hours with my wife as we’ve explored this awesome world of real food.


Give it some time, you spent how many years eating who knows what?

Give yourself about a month of eating real food before moving to the next step. If you are interested in more info on getting started with real food, here is a great book that actually sent me down this rabbit hole years ago. This is a great resource for people new to this idea. I do not agree with large amounts of animal protein a person might consume in this plan, but it’s still probably much better than the alternative ‘diet’ for most. A proper variety of plants has everything we need. I consume animal product once or twice a week.

The concept of this book is cut all foods that might cause a person digestive issues for 30 days, it’s referred to as Whole 30

  • added sugar(natural sugar from whole fruits is ok)
  • grains(including corn)
  • beans, legumes(sprouted are ok)
  • alcohol
  • chemicals, food additives
  • dairy

Within that 30 days, most people feel drastic changes in mood, energy and mind clarity. It actually kinda sucks at first but that’s your body going through withdrawal of sugar and chemicals from bad stuff you’ve been eating. Once the 30 days is up, you decide if you want to continue eating like a human or reintroducing certain foods slowly in an attempt to see which ones cause any digestive discomfort.


You’d have to see it to believe it

My wife and I had a couple very funny experiences after our first whole 30. I was ready to dive back into my regular beer drinking habit and she was excited to get her hands on a home made funnel cake-define. Within minutes of consuming
things we used to consume without even thinking about it, we were hurtin. Her belly hurt right away and she said it tasted like chemical crap that was way to sweet(rofl just imagine a once sugar addict saying this, I was in heaven).

I’ve had allergies my whole life, I’ve always reused a folder paper towel to blow my nose, tissues disappear if I don’t use half a box at once. I noticed on whole30 that I was able to breathe better, but I didn’t realize how much better till I took a sip of beer. Within about 20 seconds I had watery stuff dripping out of my nose, after about my 3rd beer, my nose was all snotted up and the usual head pressure I was so used to had returned. Wow, my lifelong allergies that have caused me who knows how many restless nights, are a grain allergy, are you kidding me? Thank you, Whole 30. Good bye grains.


Okay, eat real food, check. Next

Learn about the toxins you take in daily. Hairspray, deodorant, shampoo, fresh paint, pest control, air fresheners, new car smell and just about anything.. Cooking and storage(aluminum foil, non stick pans, low quality plastic). It seems like a lot at first but continuing to have life is pretty cool and cancer rates are slightly ridiculous.

Learn how to eat clean, most of our food is grown very poorly with lots of chemicals. Not only are we adding a bunch of work for our liver, we’re not adding all the fancy minerals and compounds our body requires to filter this stuff out.

Look into fermented foods, these can repair your gut by eating them a few times a day. I felt my gut repair itself after about 3 weeks of eating ferments. Reducing animal product to as low as 1-2 servings per week helps repair our gut, our gut loves fiber. Homemade sauerkraut is easy to make and has a couple good vitamins we don’t usually get plus billions of live bacteria ready to fight off the invasion of sugar loving bad guy gut bacteria that have built their way up over time. A digestive system full of good bacteria has a better chance of sending more of the right chemicals to our brain and more efficiently processing toxins. I have a feeling this is a huge missing piece of our diet, up till about 100 years ago, refrigeration was not common and people relied on fermentation to get each year’s crop through the winter.

Look into foods that support our liver and kidneys, any detoxes we attempt will require these guys to be functioning well. A lot of people’s liver and kidneys are already stressed out, minor support will only allow them to keep up, barely ever getting ahead. This is why it’s important to reduce as much toxic input as possible and keep up on the foods and supplements that help these organs.

Cooked beets, asparagus, high quality eggs, parsley, Apple Cider Vinegar, fresh lemon, dandelion greens and dandelion tea are great at supporting these organs.


Toxins reduced, next – Support filtering organs

Learn more about supporting your liver and kidneys



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