A new world with iodine

What is iodine?

  • An essential nutrient required by almost every cell in our body
  • With connections to over 60 diseases and ailments including thyroid & metabolic disorders
  • Has the ability to move metals and other toxins
  • Is integral in stomach acid formation and proper digestion
  • Has been systematically removed from our diet and replaced with toxic mimickers
  • Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and so much more

Why are people focusing on iodine?

Iodine has connections to a lot of health ailments. As people search for solutions to their struggles, iodine tends to come up eventually.

A lot of people are finally regaining their health with iodine which helps spread the word.

Several doctors, book authors, websites, forums, Facebook groups etc are helping share information about successfully healing with iodine.

In my opinion, after regaining my own health with iodine is that iodine is required in order to clean and rebuild our cells with dense nutrition. I think iodine is the secret ticket to balancing our nutrients. Without dense nutrition we cannot rebuild our cells, but without iodine our old cells cannot be broken down and there’s no room to rebuild.

What is this site?

There is an iodine community made of several groups across several platforms on the internet, as well as several books and videos.

Each of these resources has a slightly different set of info as well as different views on how to handle all of this.

Why Iodine is an attempt to summarize most of this info so that we might find it easier to wrap our head around.

I’ve had a lot of the same questions you’ve likely had and I’ve spent years seeing how this stuff works out for a lot of people. I’m just trying to pass along what I’ve learned after a pretty intense dive into iodine and nutrition.

Although iodine has been a huge part of my successful healing, so were a lot of other nutrients. I try to keep this site mainly about iodine so it lines up with the iodine community’s overall ideas.

But I think there is a better way of getting started with all of this. Read more about my healing journey where I explain how metabolism works in a somewhat simple way. Understanding what our nutrients are doing in general helped me take healing to new levels. I have several websites in an attempt to help organize slightly different views.

I went from assuming I was bulletproof in my early 30s to waking up on the floor having seizures, forgetting who I was and having a hard time getting off the couch. I’m trying to share with others how I managed to recover from this. In my content is a story that can help anyone interested find a path to wellness. But I’m doing this in my free time so it’s not exactly organized amazingly well.

Required Supplies

Iodine is integral to health which means it can potentially help us process and use a lot of other nutrients.

These nutrients below are the bare minimum suggested by Dr. Brownstein’s Iodine Protocol.

I personally depended on a lot of other nutrients along my healing journey which I explain along the way in my various sites.

This handful of nutrients can help a lot of us see how important nutrition is for our cells. What I mean by this is these nutrients rather commonly support a large part of our metabolism which helps us feel better which can help most realize what’s going on in the world today.

The brands and versions of The Iodine Protocol’s nutrients mentioned below are the best to start with in my opinion. As we continue down this path it’s likely best to branch out into more versions of these nutrients to see which ones our cells seem to like better, but I think what I mention here can give us the best experience. I mention more about these nutrients in the next section and in this website.

Organixx Iodine
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Nascent Liquid Iodine
  • Third party testing
  • Tastes better than Lugols
  • Helps us ease our way into iodine

Find more iodine purchasing options at whyiodine.com/iodine-buyers-guide/

Magnesium Breakthrough
  • 7 forms of magnesium in one capsule
  • Excellent deal if we invest in 5 bottles
  • Provides up to 7 times the benefits of single form magnesium

*Their sales page is rather annoying. Scroll down 75% of the way for purchasing options. Visit whyiodine.com/magnesiums for more magnesium options

Seeking Health’s Liposomal Vitamin C Plus
  • Liposomal Vitamin C for enhanced absorption and GI comfort
  • Extra antioxidant support from bioflavonoids
  • Supports healthy immunity, histamine levels, and mast cell stabilization

*Starting any new nutrient in liposomal form can be very beneficial. Our cells are tired and broken as we’re getting started and liposomal helps us bypass a lot of those issues. Learn more about Vitamin C here whyiodine.com/vitamin-c

Redmond Real Salt

Celtic is the best all around salt. Pink should be avoided if possible. Say no to table salt.

There are better sources available for purity but I personally do not worry about the little bit of stuff celtic contains.

*Salt has two important nutrients we need as we try to increase our cells’ activity. Read more about the importance of salt whyiodine.com/salt

Thorne Selenium

Most of us do not need much selenium, but we want to provide our cells with a little to see if they use it. We do not want to push into iodine without selenium.

Some of the dangers associated with iodine are due to not supplementing selenium around the same time. Read more at whyiodine.com/selenium

Why haven't we heard of iodine's benefits?

Iodine’s connection to health goes back thousands of years. People knew seaweed had various healing qualities without realizing it contained iodine.

For the past 200 years, concentrated iodine has been used for dozens of purposes in health and sanitation.

Less than 100 years ago iodine started being attacked by bogus info and slowly removed from everything possible.

The FDA monitors and regulates iodine claiming “people might use it to make methamphetamines” even though they have nothing to back up this claim.

It’s relatively cheap. By ignoring iodine, hundreds and potentially thousands of profit-generating products have plenty of customers. With so many profit potentials, who is going to take the time to invest in telling us about iodine? 

So how do I get started with iodine?

The only person that knows how to get you started properly is you. Even when we work with a doctor or anyone, we still need to be our own self-healing advocate if we’d really like to succeed.

But we’re all so much different and there is no single starting point. Even two people with the same body-type still lead different daily lives and have different adjustments to make.

Some of us do not yet realize the importance of what we’re going for here. This page may help put the situation into perspective whyiodine.com/start

There is really no easy way to cut this. We need to learn more about our environment and a handful of important nutrients. Several generations have been tricked into ignoring the important aspects of leading a healthy life, and now we have a lot of work to do.

Clean environment & diet

If we continue to absorb toxins with our skin, stomach, and lungs all day, we will never get ahead of the curve. Learn more about our common toxic exposures and ways to clean up out diet in The Detox Section

Increase unrefined salt intake

Quality salt is required for proper cell function. Learn more about salt at whyiodine.com/salt

Get more Magnesium

Iodine is going to allow our body to do a lot of stuff it’s likely been behind on for a while. Magnesium is involved in a large majority of these processes. Learn more about the benefits from more than one form of Magnesium at whyiodine.com/magnesium

Get Selenium, but not too much

Selenium is just as important as iodine for a lot of us, we just need to avoid taking it daily for extended periods of time without feeling our body do anything with it. Read more about selenium at whyiodine.com/selenium

Increase Vitamin C intake

As all of these nutrients help us catch up, vitamin C is needed in order to clean up the oxidative mess created. Learn more at whyiodine.com/vitamin-c

Start slow with iodine

Now that our body has access to a few important nutrients, small amounts of iodine should help us move forward.

By going slow we can always back off without having to wait long to level off again. Read about my experience here whyiodine.com/low-and-slow

Once we understand what we’re doing, we may be able to try larger amounts of iodine to see how it works for us.

The healing community commonly uses a form of iodine called Lugols. I have laid out the common brands people buy here whyiodine.com/iodine-buyers-guide and explain more about the different types of iodine here whyiodine.com/which-iodine. I personally think it’s important to get starting with small amounts of iodine, so nascent works great for getting started, but eventually we’ll want to get into lugols in order to push enough iodine and do so more economically.

Thank you for reading and thanks for being part of the iodine community.