Iodine is a naturally occurring essential element necessary for human growth and metabolic function. It was used to make bread(something almost everyone consumes) until the 1970’s when it was replaced by the controversial potentially carcinogenic potassium bromate. Today we aren’t getting iodine, but our bodies still require it.

We spent over $3 trillion on healthcare in 2015, an average of $10k per person. This means the market is going to be saturated with products, services and competition.

In order for these products to bring in top dollar, they need to be patented. Iodine is a natural element and not patent-able which leaves it to be forgotten in the world of $3 trillion a year.

This woman does an excellent job summing up the problem we face today.

How Iodine Deficiency Contributes to Cancer – Dr. David Brownstein, MD

Along with proper nutrition, iodine seems to be helping a lot of people heal.. just about everything. Dr. Brownstein tested thousands of people and found 96% of them to be iodine deficient. If we’re all low on iodine and people are having miraculous healing stories when they take it, is it not obvious what is going on?

From fatigue to cancer, if you aren’t taking iodine yet, it might be time.

I thought this stuff was toxic?

There are disinfectants and cleaners that contain iodine. These would be considered toxic to consume. Only the correct types of iodine are safe to consume in the proper amounts.

Back in the day, doctors prescribed iodine routinely but a bogus study or two came out and caused a lot of people to think iodine was dangerous. After the Wolff-Chaikoff effect sent waves of fear across the planet, only a few were brave enough to get involved again.

Iodine can cause heavy metal and parasite detox, some people can take this as an allergy or toxicity to iodine. If a person is very toxic only a few drops of iodine can cause a decent detox reaction. This is not to be confused with a shellfish allergy.

Diabetics and people taking Synthroid may need to be more cautious while starting iodine. These can be indicators of iodine deficiency, and iodine will cause a lot of new processes to start happening, which can be startling or uncomfortable.

Read more about the toxicity myth here.

It doesn’t stop at cancer

People have reported success with all types of health issues. A lot of autoimmune conditions are known to be related to the thyroid and iodine is helping a lot of  people with thyroid issues.

In my travels around the net, I’ve seen tons of stories about people healing with iodine. But, due to big brother regulations, people have to be careful saying what iodine can heal. Pharma doesn’t like competition.

If you or someone you know have a condition, try googling it with iodine. Chances are iodine and proper nutrition will help prevent or fight just about any degenerative disease.

Does everyone take it or just sick people?

There are two things going on here:

1. We’re not getting enough in our daily diet, and need to(really should) make up for that asap by supplementing with iodine.

2. While the years go by and we continue to be deficient of iodine, other junk, like halides and heavy metals, have made their way in and we need to(really should) clean them out with large amounts of iodine. This can initiate a large healing reaction for some people, which is awesome! but needs to be done properly.

Although only supplementing with iodine is probably much better than doing nothing, we need to flush out the other crap to reach full iodine saturation and allow our body to function properly.

See what can happen when we’re low on iodine at Why should I care about iodine

Waking up as many days as possible AKA everyday health

Idk about you but I like waking up each day, I think it would get pretty boring otherwise. Once I figured out that every single thing I put in my body or expose my body to has some type of effect on it, I couldn’t help but hunt for my best options.

Long story short, I attacked health at many different angles and spent thousands of hours reading books, online documents, websites and health forums. It wasn’t till I came across iodine that things really started making sense. The section about What is Detox starts explaining what is going on.

Read more about iodine

A great article from Dr. Sircus

Why are there so many types of iodine?

Our body uses Potassium Iodide(KI) and Iodine. A lot of forms are just KI, but Lugols Solution is a mixture of both KI and Iodine.

Our body only requires KI, it is capable of converting this into the Iodine it requires. But if we are able to, it might be better to provide our body with both forms, making Lugols Solution a better choice most likely.

So where do I start?

Depending how sick you are, how much time you have and how much you believe in yourself, you have a few options:

  • Locate an iodine proficient doctor.
  • Become your own health advocate and learn how to get levels tested and work towards total health.

I have been working towards becoming my own health advocate for several years now. If I ever run into anything I do not understand, I will then seek help from a medical professional.

This journey as my own health advocate has provided me with many learning experiences. Although some of these things are hard to fully understand without experiencing them yourself, I put this website together in hopes that your path will be a little less painful than mine.

More on getting started

Fun facts about iodine



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