Quick Start

I don’t recommend anyone “Quick Start” iodine. But I leave this page here incase I ever have amnesia and need to figure out how to get back into iodine without understanding what I’m going for yet.

First, buy everything on the homepage of whyiodine.com

Every cell in my body uses sodium to begin transporting energy and nutrients into my cells. So I need to increase my unrefined salt intake via food as much as possible. I will salt my food with as much celtic or pink salt as I can without ruining the taste or eventually causing my mouth or stomach to become sensitive. Once a week or so I will salt-load to see if it helps me clear brain fog or hydrate better. If it does, I attempt increasing salt on my food.

If adding salt seems to clear congestion and help me feel better, I’ll stick with this for up to a few weeks. I can use a lot of salt but I don’t want to do this for too long without providing other nutrients. I also don’t want to increase my unrefined salt intake while I’m still eating junk food and covering my body in toxic stuff. I need to start transporting nutrients into my cells, not more junk.

At just about any point once I understand what added salt is doing for me, I’ll add magnesium. I probably can’t use much at first so I might as well only get about 150mg or so per day and I don’t even need it daily at first, maybe 2-3 times a week or even less at times. Once I notice energy, clarity, or digestive changes, I can begin to judge how often I need to take how much magnesium.

I’ve tried various forms of vitamin C in the past and know it does not do much for me. So I wait till I’ve noticed another new nutrient help me feel better, and then I try more vitamin C. Liposomal vitamin C with supporting nutrients is the only form of C I’ve noticed much of anything from. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to vitamin C.

I don’t want to take much selenium, but I do want to stimulate my SEPP transport protein. To do this, I need to take at least 200mcg of selenomethionine. Miss Lizzy’s or Thorne brands are fine for this. I do this about once a week unless I know my body is able to use it. Sometimes I’ll take 200mcg, feel better, take 200mcg more an hour later, feel better and so on for about 1,000mcg or more. But there are also times I don’t notice anything for a long time. This is why I don’t start taking everything at once.

Once I’ve introduced small amounts of these nutrients, it’s time to try a drop of iodine on my arm. I use the top of my wrist where my skin is a bit tougher from the sun etc. I place a drop on my skin, spread it around a little with my finger and wait till tomorrow to see how I feel. If I do not notice anything or notice a little clarity etc, I’ll try a drop in a glass of water and wait another day to see how I respond.