In an attempt to help more people find this information, I have been creating more groups.

I follow a lot of groups on Facebook and do not always agree with their methods or information. So sometimes I will create a spin-off group in an attempt to help others find new angles to this information. One of the largest factors that pushes me to create a spin-off group is when someone claims they are 100% correct and there is no option for discussion.

My groups

A lot of people help keep these groups flowing smoothly. I do not call these “my groups” to take away from their work, but I don’t know how else to refer to this list..

Some of these groups have grown, others at still growing, and a few are new and still empty. I am waiting for some of them to grow before I continue to add more information and resources.

Please join us so we can reach more people.

Iodine for beginners

Iodine+ – Just like iodine for beginners but without the need to keep things simple for beginners

Hashimoto’s for Beginners – Discuss some not-so-commonly known info about Hashi’s

UnPilled – This group is intended for any and all discussion which includes yucky stuff or potentially unbelievable stuff

Sick of Tired – Similar to UnPilled, this group is a bit more down to earth. Just about any discussion happens here but things remain pretty mellow

Magnesium for Beginners – Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients in our healing journey

Whole30 for Beginners – Learn about a well rounded method of handling our diet

Coffee Enemas for Beginners – One of the most beneficial healing moves we can add to our journey. Don’t knock it till you try it

MTHFR for Beginners – Chat about genetics without all the confusing aspects

Metabolism for Beginners – Most people look at “metabolism” incorrectly. Everything we consume is metabolized into some level of health – Continue discussion about my new video series available at

Got Taste? – The additional EMF radiation we’ve been installing since 2019 seems to be causing changes in people’s smell and taste. There is not much information on this situation. Join us to hopefully help piece things together

Gardening for Beginners – I figured out how to grow food on autopilot by taking advantage of nature

Terrain Model Refutes Germ Theory (uncensored) – I made this group because the original group does not allow much discussion, and calls supplements poison

Detoxing Mercury – At some point, this group will be one of my main focuses. At the time of adding it to this list, I am the only member, so it might be a minute before I add much to this one

Red Light for Beginners – Near Infrared Red Light Therapy is a wonderful addition to our healing journey. We don’t need to invest more than $50 to get started