Can iodine cause weight gain?

The simple answer is yes. If we take more iodine, or anything else that causes some level of detox of, our system cannot keep up and attempts to protect the rest of our cells from the toxins or metabolites that cannot get out in time.

This is very similar to a drain that cannot handle the volume of what we’re trying to pour down it. Another example is spraying a bunch of really dirty windows with tons of window cleaner but not having the time, energy or rags to finish the clean up, which causes the dirt to ooze onto the windowsill which makes a huge mess.

What we’re going for is complex and involves a lot of various systems in our body, including uncommon ideas like how much we expose ourselves to sunlight.

If you’ve followed my information for long you’ve likely seen me talk about a process called methylation which is the core of our metabolism. Metabolism is essentially just the process of converting what we eat into various substances that allow us to experience and thrive in life. This may sound complex but its basically just like starting with flour and adding various other ingredients to make things like cookies and bread etc. If we don’t have the all of the ingredients, we cannot physically create cookies etc.

As we’re missing all the various nutrients/ingredients our body requires in order to make all the fancy substances it depends on, we have no choice but to store substances we are not able to process. This is what toxins are, anything that our body can’t physically process, which means it ends up backing up somewhere, just like with a clogged drain. This could be in a cell, inhibiting or completely jamming up the cell’s purpose, or sometimes our body can wrap the toxin in fat or water.

The common idea behind weight gain is essentially that we eat more calories than our body can burn. Part of this is correct but it doesn’t have much, or anything to do with calories. This would be like only having a bunch of flour without any of the other ingredients required to make cookies, and claiming that having too much flour is the reason we can’t make cookies. Sure, technically we have too much flour, but if we had enough of the other ingredients, we would have plenty of cookies and wouldn’t try blaming ‘extra’ flour.

So how do we fix this?

If you are only worried about the vanity aspect of this situation, already feeling overwhelmed by the iodine protocol, or assumed iodine worked like a magical pill, you are not going to like this answer. But if you are interested in restoring your health.. check out the info I’ve put together on my other site

Whether we study this information and invest in various nutrients, or we have the funds to run a few tests, it’s possible to support our methylation/metabolism once we wrap our head around the situation or find a practitioner that understands what’s going on.

I managed to scrape myself off the floor and go from migraines, brain fog, symptoms of MS and seizures etc to feeling better and sharper than I ever have by researching the information I’ve pulled together into my websites and videos.

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