Help me help you help others

People that are tuning into my information have supported my efforts by taking advantage of the products and services I’ve used to reverse serious health issues and get back on my feet. But the info I share is not confined to specific brands and blends of nutrients and not everyone has access to the products I used.

Several people have asked how they can support my efforts on top of or instead of by using the products I use, which is why I’ve finally created this page.

I prefer that you invest in yourself by trying the products I mention on my websites and in the groups because this is able to benefit both of us. The homepage of this site starts to cover the base products I use to support my system.

But if you are able to and would like to, feel free to send a couple of bucks my way. Here are some things I plan on doing with my spoils.

Paying it forward

I am lucky to have figured out how to regain my health. I am even luckier to have figured out how to connect with a lot of people that I can potentially help feel better with the information I have learned.

As my schedule permits, I have free video calls with anyone interested in learning more about what I have learned. A lot of people I chat with would benefit more by investing their resources into supplements vs paying for a chat.

Whether you and I have had a chat in the past or not, your contribution can help me chat with more people.


My goal is to have regular product and consultation giveaways. I enjoy having 1 on 1 video/phone calls with people to help them potentially uncover or realize what is most likely holding them back from well-being. If this works out, I would love to crowdsource fund my time and individual giveaways to help those in need who are struggling to get back on their feet, which is a common situation as our well-being is on vacation.


I enjoy creating videos but they take a lot of time and effort to create properly. With some extra funds, I could focus on the content while hiring someone to create animations and other content which would allow me to create more.


I can’t even imagine how many hours I’ve spent researching. Something that has allowed me to help a lot of people is my ability to compile a lot of information and make sense of all of it, not just individual pieces. I tend to get a lot of wife-aggro when I spend too much time researching and blabbing about all the neat stuff I’m finding. Shiny objects and meals tend to reduce wife-aggro.

Thank you in advance

I am happy you are investing yourself into this type of information and have made it this far. I really enjoy helping people out of this situation. I am very lucky to have a great job that pays pretty well, but not long ago I was stuck in the bottomless pit of feeling like complete trash, and don’t want anyone else to be stuck there. Thank you for even considering helping me help more people!

One-time contributions

One-time contributions are available on this page. These PayPal buttons were not easy to set up properly, and single-contribution buttons need to live on their own page.

Go pro with a subscription

$1 per month

For just 3 cents a day you can help support a Micah.

$3 per month

Your generous $3 feeds my spoiled dogs for an entire day! That’s at enough time for at least 6,000 barks.

$10 per month

I can’t think of a good example of $10 that may entice you. On average, this is a half hour or less of slavery. That’s 1/320th of your monthly hours. So essentially, for just 1/320th, you can support a Micah?

$20 per month?!

Wow! You realize my potential and want to extend your abilities. Your support reduces wife-aggro by 20% and allows me to spend more time on this stuff.

Over $20 per month?

I truly appreciate the offer, but I need to get my stuff together better before I’m comfortable accepting this kind of sustained support. If you insist, feel free to use the one-time contribution above.