July 26, 2022

Should I start iodine?

This is an old version of this page, I’ve recreated it here https://whyiodine.com/start

I read this page and elaborate a bit here https://youtu.be/mfYlvSrObTE

It’s common to question the idea of starting iodine. There are so many benefits but there is a lot of information to take in and its kind of confusing at times.

I’m going to try to put this question into perspective with a few examples.

Leave Ben unattended?

Your friend’s nephew Ben needs a place to hangout for a few hours one day. But you have work to do and Ben needs something to keep occupied.

Is it safe to allow Ben to go fishing by the lake unattended?

Are you able to answer this? How old is Ben? Does Ben have legs? Is he allergic to bees?

There are so many variables that change whether Ben can go fishing by himself.

Should I start iodine?

Do you have legs? Both kidneys? Ambition to take your wellbeing into your own hands?

Are you going to follow Dr. Brownstein’s protocol? At 50mg or 12.5mg?

Or are you going to try what Micah does which is start slow while taking breaks while learning about all the various nutrients our system needs?

I’m just trying to point out that its a good idea to know what we’re going for.

What’s your plan if you start iodine and eventually start to feel worn out or some form of detox? Understanding why this happens and what we can do to avoid it is a good way to at least handle it better. Attempting to avoid detox, and handling iodine better is essentially the whole reason I share information.

I’m trying to make a simple point

Unless we have someone with iodine knowledge available to guide us, we are the only ones that know if starting iodine or any nutrient is right for us or not. And if we do not feel ready, we just need to continue learning and being involved in the community.

Another example of variables

If you get a free pass to take your car on the highway and go 100mph, you might like it for a short period of time, but within seconds you might be like “ok I’m done with this for now, its a bit too much for me”.

But a person in a Facebook group might enjoy going 100mph all the time all day long. What if they tell you to take the on-ramp that forces you to go 100mph for a few hours, but you only enjoy 30 seconds of go-fast juice?

Or, it’s possible that you are someone that likes to go 100mph all day. Idk? How is anyone supposed to know all of your variables?

Do you catch what I am trying to point out? You might not have legs, or both kidneys, or a job, or belief in natural healing, or…


What if it were me?

I go slow with everything while trying to figure out how to make it part of my daily life. whyiodine.com/pulse-dosing

Understanding what I do now, I would start with kelp or a well rounded multivitamin. I explain a few things about kelp and which brands might be best here whyiodine.com/kelp

On the homepage of my other site sickoftired.com I cover a general starting point for getting into natural health. Towards the end of that page I mention a very simple well rounded multivitamin which has a small amount of iodine. This is a great way to get our body ready for what larger amounts of iodine can do as we advance with all of this. By making small improvements and giving it time, we will eventually get where we need to be.

At any point, trying a drop of 2% or possibly even 5% on my forearm is a neat way to see if and how my body responds to these higher levels of iodine. Once I try a drop on my skin or a drop in water, I go a few days without taking more. I do this to allow my levels to drop again which helps me see how long that takes as well as how my body responds now that I am without that nutrient again.

By going very slow with each new nutrient, I allow my body to keep up while also learning how my body responds to each nutrient. Over time as I provide new various nutrients, other nutrients may work better.

This helps me realize that magnesium wasn’t doing anything for me at first. So instead of taking it daily like various protocols might recommend, I started taking it about weekly. Over time as I salted my food and continued taking small amounts of iodine etc, magnesium started working and I was able to take more of it and feel better from it.

Going slow just seems to be the best route unless we are limited on time or energy. We have to continue living our daily lives and attempting to enjoy each day. We can’t just dive face first into detox and devote our lives to it. We don’t know how toxic we are till we start dislodging stuff, so unless someone likes to gamble, it just makes too much sense to go slow and listen to our body.

More about getting started

I’ve written about getting started in many different ways. In a sense, just about everything in the 100,000 words across my websites is about getting started. And this page is just highlighting how there isn’t a single starting point.

Scroll through my list of articles at https://whyiodine.com/iodine-index/

And read the homepage of my other site sickoftired.com

or watch my videos at unpilled.tv

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or just keep reading the group, or whatever works

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