Micah Coffey

I have had the pleasure of learning how to restore my own health after a pretty serious situation. The 100,000 words I’ve typed across my several websites are just an attempt to share what I have figured out for anyone interested.

This page is an attempt to introduce myself in a way that might help someone better understand or realize how I’ve done what I’ve done.

I published Dropulator.com in 2016 to help others calculate their Lugols iodine. Eventually I started sharing my journey and have created several websites, groups, channels etc since.

I’ve come across a few pieces of info that I don’t see many, or anyone talking about.

Cream of tartar is being used to boost potassium, but it’s a byproduct of wine making which means it likely has sulfites which can cause the issues we’re trying to avoid whyiodine.com/sulfites

Protein and b12 don’t work when stomach acid is low, which is common sickoftired.com/stomach-acid So many people are skipping this and going in circles with issues it causes.

B12 can be destroyed if glutathione is low, and less b12 has less demand if lithium is low sickoftired.com/b12

Indoor air commonly has elevated Co2 levels sickoftired.com/co2 which causes symptoms most of us are trying to get away from.

Our WiFi and cell towers lower our antioxidants, increase leaky gut & autoimmunity, and influence calcium sickoftired.com/emf

Thyroid conditions have connections to oxalates and mercury whyiodine.com/hashimotos

I taught myself how a huge piece of our metabolism works and have been working on resources to help simplify this youtube.com/watch?v=mr5iFRtxPd8

I have a few more examples but I’m just trying to point to things that others are not talking about.

I’m not just repeating things like most people seem to.

I’ve done this before getting into health

I’m kinda smart and grew up with a passion for understanding everything. I spent my whole life seeing how things work and knowing I could fix them. Once others gave up on something and left it for the trash, I was able to either successfully fix a lot of things or at least learn from the experience.

I grew up in the 80’s playing on a computer, they weren’t exactly easy to use back then. I learned how to fix and rebuild small engines as a kid.

I don’t learn the same as others though, I only made it out of the 7th grade the second time around by being graded on the documentation I wrote for the CCTV system I helped wire and configure because my principal saw my talent and allowed me to be critiqued on this job instead of my lack of interest in school. Then I wouldn’t have graduated high school if I didn’t hack the network and change my grades..

In the late 90s I created a website that received millions of hits in the first few months it launched. I taught myself Linux servers, networking and several programming languages. I ran my own business fixing computers onsite and remotely with software I developed. I’ve wired networks and various systems in schools, military buildings and 14,000+ sqft homes.

I could go on for a while with this but what I am trying to get at is I don’t learn through the education system but I have a lot of confidence in myself that I can figure out how to do anything I put my mind to.

I can’t sit on the side line while fellow humans and our pets continue to suffer. Which is where the creation of this website comes in.

What’s next

I’ve just barely been able to touch on topics and level of detail I’d like to get into. I work full time and get into a lot of various projects in my free time, so finding time to focus on and organize this type of content is difficult.

Next I plan on releasing a set of videos to explain how our cells work together to convert nutrients into health. This concept is actually rather simple but turning it into a useful visual has not been easy.

Once I catch up on some videos I plan on finishing another website which helps link all of our symptoms to all the common nutritional deficiencies.

Feel free to help support my efforts in some way so I find more time to get these things done sooner. I’ve recently finally enabled ads on my sites, so just sharing my articles is helpful. Using links and coupons at sickoftired.com/save or other product links on my sites helps me generate funds. Buy me a coffee buymeacoffee.com/unpilled. Watch my videos at unpilled.tv and subscribe to my Youtube.