September 26, 2020

How I look at natural health

Intro To Natural Health

Human’s have been around anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of years. Although we are much different than our older ancestors, our diet, metabolism, the overall conditions that keep us healthy, and the biological threats we face, are probably pretty similar. Modern medicine is just a tiny blip on our health’s radar. If we were to ditch our modern sanitation habits today, we’d start getting very ill and lowering our life expectancy very quickly.

Within the past few hundred years, people started experimenting with substances that can be very damaging to our health like mercury, cocaine, opioids, fluoride, methamphetamines, antibiotics etc. These substances provide results to some degree by blocking natural processes and tricking our body into ‘shutting up’, but they come with a hefty set of possible side effects depending on our current chemical makeup and the quality of our genes depending on our ancestor’s overall nutrition, parasite load or other biological exposures like Lymes or EBV etc. All of these variables are borderline impossible to judge without an exorbonate amount of time and resources, which implies that we really have no idea wtf is going on.

Over time, some of the less-genuine people figured out that ‘treating’ symptoms with toxicity works out pretty well for profit generation. The user thinks they are being helped, the prescriber makes good money without being responsible for much, and the pharmaceutical company has a life long customer now.

We’re not deficient of toxins, we’re deficient of minerals

An estimated 80% of the U.S. population is magnesium deficient –

Up to 40% are estimated to be deficient of zinc. Mercury takes up the seats that zinc should naturally be in. As we knock mercury loose with iodine, bind it with sulfur to expel, and replace the now empty seat with zinc, we can ever so slowly, allow our body to remove the mercury we’re loaded with and make progress towards restoring homeostasis.

Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral-element in our body. We assume our diet has enough, but most soil is deficient(of just about everything) and cheap animal protein is mostly rancid by the time its been fed the wrong diet, confined to a traumatic environment, transported, even slightly improperly cooked, stored as leftovers, and attempted to be digested in a stomach with improper acid pH and an aggravated digestive system. Some people are taking 2 grams of sulfur daily as part of their healing regiment. Sulfur alone is helping people with arthritis, diabetes, Alzhiemer’s, MS, etc.

In a small study of cancer patients, 97% were iodine deficient.

We ARE Toxic

  • We burn coal for electricity, which releases mercury near and far.
  • We live and work in buildings that have materials with trace amounts of mercury, arsenic, formaldehyde, etc.  There is a decent chance of a mercury light bulb breaking and not being cleaned up properly. As temperature rises and carpets are vacuuming or surfaces are cleaned, unknown amounts of mercury is being breathed in.
  • New car/product and even some food smells consists of potent, plastic-like substances and flame retardants like bromide.
  • We install something like 4 tons of mercury into people’s mouths every year, the toxicity of these fillings can be passed down to offspring.
  • Tap water and processed foods contain fluoride.
  • Beauty products, fragrances, OTC and prescription drugs, cleaning products, etc can contain potent substances.

Our cells can only handle so much

All of these potent toxins and the lack of proper minerals are causing our body a great deal of stress. Our trillions of cells are struggling for oxygen and devoting a lot of energy to living in the wrong environment. Over time, our cells pretty much suffocate. As they twitch for survival, they morph into rogue substances that our body doesn’t understand how to process and clean up. Which essentially means a mole on our skin, our left titty, or an organ that’s been infiltrated by parasites, has become cancerous.

But, once we get our body expelling toxins properly, and provide it with all the proper building blocks, our cells can clean themselves out and rebuild. Once our cells are in good shape and running decently, we can start purging the parasite we’re full of. Parasites love heavy metals, and they’ve been around a lot longer than we have, so they know a thing or two about survival, aka, not being detected by humans that profit off the end result of our unknown parasite infestation.

We’re loaded with parasites

An unfortunate reality of life is that we’re loaded with parasitic life forms. Advanced life has a lot of processes that other life forms love to piggy-back off of. Once we offset our natural balance, parasites start setting up shop and do everything they can to take a free ride undetected.

Our stomach acid is supposed to keep these guys out(dogs/wolves can handle raw meat because they have stronger stomach acid) but we offset our stomach acid with improper diet. Once they get past our stomach, they can live and start reproducing in our gut, organs, or tissues.

Our body does not know how to handle the waste of these creatures well. As biological life forms die, they shed the chemicals and metals they have been harboring and living off of.

By giving our body what it needs, which might include specialty herbs, coffee enemas, 9 cups of steamed veggies per day, etc, it eventually purges these creatures and substances, which is where the real healing begins.

Fixing this is all probably pretty easy though

The image of the barrel is a concept for plant health, saying that the lowest rung(mineral) will be the highest level of water(health) the barrel(plant) can hold.

I believe our body works the same way. We can have almost everything we need, but if something important like sulfur or magnesium etc is low, many processes cannot function.

Sometimes we’re loaded with a toxin instead of the proper mineral, and sometimes we can even be loaded with a toxic form of a proper mineral. This can cause confusion as we start to learning our body’s makeup.

For years as I tried balancing nutrients, I showed symptoms of needing more potassium, but it seemed like no matter how much of which form of potassium I ate, nothing helped or made me feel any different. Then I started doing Coffee Enemas and felt my potassium crash like crazy, I seemed to have purged a toxic form of the stuff. My liver was probably slowly working it, but the CE allowed it to get rid of a bunch very easily. Now as I get good forms of potassium, I can feel it working and balancing and giving me more energy. Now that I’ve got the right type of potassium working for me, I’ll probably notice other pieces of my health work better.

Magnesium didn’t do anything for me for a long time also, but after eating a large amount of Celtic salt daily for over a year, I took magnesium again and noticed it having an effect right away.

Becoming our own health advocate

We only get one vehicle in this road trip called life, and mankind has known a great deal about our body for a long time. Of all the things we push ourselves to learn and be good at, why not our health? Why not work with our doctor and find doctors that want to work with us, instead of just depending on another human being? We don’t have to ditch these guys completely and go do our own thing, but nobody knows our body better than us.

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