Supporting kidneys for detox

Our kidneys are just another piece of our metabolism. If the processes in our kidneys cannot function well, the rest of our metabolism ends up with substances it cannot process otherwise.

Our kidneys form some special cells to create tubes to mechanically “filter” certain substances. But the only way we can potentially support these tubes is the same way we handle anything else, which is by providing the proper building blocks while reducing the burden on the system.

I’ve been supporting my kidneys for years

My kidneys are inhibited by heavy metals, infections, pesticides, recreational drugs, junk food, and everything else my body has been subject to since before I was even born. Our genes are just indicators of or responses to the nutrients, lack of nutrients, and toxins we absorb and pass to each other as we navigate our environments. A father’s genes can influence offspring, and a mother’s genes and nutritional and toxin balances can influence offspring. 1

I think a common mistake while attempting to support kidneys is assuming it’s a temporary and short process. But, a lot of what our kidneys handle is downstream from our liver’s metabolic pathways. Our liver is pretty much our Grand Central Station. A large amount of our metabolism happens in our liver. So in order to relieve the stress on our kidneys, we’ve got a lot of work to do upstream.

I see two main aspects to kidney support:

  1. Reducing toxic input from our environment
  2. Supporting metabolism with nutrition

Reducing toxic burden

Increase air quality with plants and air purifiers

I look at my kidneys as my liver’s liver. I have a feeling just about any toxicity we are exposed to ends up influencing our kidneys at some point whether the substance makes its way to our kidneys or inhibits something upstream.

So the air I breathe, water I drink, and food I eat is going to somehow influence my kidneys. If I constantly expose myself to a lot of various sources, I may never get ahead of the curve no matter how many beneficial substances I attempt supporting things with.

On top of mold, smoke, pet dander, consumer products, I realized indoor air can easily end up with elevated Co2 levels. Read more about that on my other site

Increasing beneficial substances

I mentioned about that kidney support seems to be at the tail end of a lot of other pathways. This means just about any metabolic support will influence our kidneys. Sometimes as we locate a nutrient we’ve been very low on, we may dislodge something gross which then inhibits something like our kidneys as its cleaned up. But then after we catch up we’re in better shape then we were before. I’ve noticed that some of the very important nutrients I’ve researched for kidney function tend to have warnings that tell people with kidney issues to avoid them. I have a feeling this is because these substances will cause so much clean up that we could potentially overwhelm the remaining kidney function we have.

  • Learning how to eat real food can be handy for anything health related. As we steer towards better ingredients, we’ll end up steering away from more of the toxic stuff. I explain how my wife and I introduced ourselves to real food on this page and get into some other related info in that detox section of my site.
  • As part of my nutritional balancing over the past few years, I do not eat fruit for several reasons, mainly due to the pesticides that even organic is loaded with. But sometimes I help myself to a bag of red grapes and attempt eating as many as I can in one sitting. I have noticed this push something out of my kidneys or bladder or something. My urine was very cloudy and had an odd odor I was not able to pinpoint. It also seemed like I needed to urinate several extra times within the next 12 hours or so after eating a lot of grapes. I’ve never noticed that after eating a ton of watermelon or other fruit.
  • Endo-met Renamide uses the active ingredients: Uva Ursi, Carbamide, and Bovine Kidney – I use this several times a week to help “soften” my kidneys. I say soften because Carbamide is from urea, which is from urine. This is essentially urine therapy in a pill. Although urine therapy sounds weird and gross, there are a good bit of people claiming it has helped them. Imo, it’s helping people by using urine to dislodge similar substances from our kidneys and other tissue in our body. 2
  • D-Mannose and Uva Ursi are handy for urinary tract health. But not only is everything connected in some way, but it seems like anything related to urine is very close to the kidneys when it comes to gathering support. Shop D-Mannose at Vita Springs or Shop D-Mannose at Amazon
  • I use a “Kidney Blend” from Solaray which has Cornsilk, Parsley, Uva Ursi, Cleavers, Cayenne, Juniper, Kelp, Short Buchu, and Queen of the Meadow Shop Kidney Blend at Amazon
  • I very slowly use small amounts of Stone Breaker Chanca Piedra – Natural Kidney Cleanse & Gallbladder Formula with Chanca Piedra, Hydrangea, and Celery Seed Extract Shop Stone Breaker
  • One of the many supplements I use from Ancestral Supplements is their Grassfed Kidney. Our goal is to replenish the nutrients that the cells of our kidneys are made of, so eating freeze dried capsules of those cells from healthy animals can be very beneficial. Freeze dried kidney also contains DAO to help support histamines.
  • Every few weeks or even months I will try one of the dozen or so amino acids I have. L-ornithine helps us process ammonia, which is very close to the pathways that go to our kidneys. Shop L-Ornithine at VitaSprings
  • I started investing in air purifiers with scheduled HEPA filter replacements so I don’t forget about it or allow myself to slack. I aim for purifiers that can handle twice as much square footage as the room I am using them in because I like how they keep more of the air moving. These Medify Air Purifiers seem to make this very easy to tackle a whole house.
  • I purchase and mix various different herbal tea blends. I use various common simple teas like Dandelion, Peppermint, Chamomile, Rose Hip, Nettle, Horsetail, Uva Ursi and many others. I try to drink one type for a few days/nights in a row and then pause and switch it up with others. Sometimes I’ll notice detox & healing reactions and sometimes I won’t, which helps me realize which ones my body likes and how often I can use some.
  • I mix my own Moritz Kidney Tea(Goldenrod, Cat’s Claw, Chicory, Comfrey, Marjoram, Marshmallow, Uva Ursi, Gravel Root, Hydrangea, Fennel Seed) which is very strong stuff. I was not able to use much of it the first time I tried it because it was just too strong for my system. Several years into detox I was finally able to handle it without pushing myself too hard. It’s wise to pay attention as we consume anything new just to make sure its not too much for us at the moment.
  • Back to the idea that our whole system needs support, I use Red Light Therapy for a handful of reasons. I started pulling together some of the basic info about NIR red light on my other site and also show how I was able to get started for $50 instead of investing tons of money into LED panels.
  • The common understanding about Coffee Enemas is that they support or stimulate the generation of Glutathione. Generating glutathione is important for our whole system, but I’ve noticed that my sense of smell works better after coffee enemas, which makes me think they are somehow reducing the load on my kidneys. I wrote about starting coffee enemas here

This is a lot of stuff just to support kidneys?

No it’s not, this is just a fraction of what our body may require. We’re trillions of cells and some of us are deficient of dozens of nutrients. But our body isn’t just a bunch of storage containers waiting for us to pop a supplement. We need to rebuild our cells with these nutrients we’re after, and we need to understand what we’re going for. If we’re having a hard time feeling well, we’ve got to dedicate each day to supporting and caring about our cells. Check out my newest project where I explain how our genes and nutrients work together.

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