Can iodine heal ABC?

This is a tough topic to put into perspective. There are so many contributing factors that may alter our perception of this situation.

Focus on a problem, or solution?

A really crappy boss asked me one time if I wanted to continue being a part of the problem, or start becoming a part of the solution. I quit a few days later because that guy was a problem and a half, but the words stuck with me.

But when we have a problem at work, or even dozens of problems. Do we create names for each problem and file them somewhere, or do we quickly begin mitigating the issues by attempting to return things back to normal?

This is not the best example because some people’s job requires them to create a name, file it away and wait for someone else to handle it. But let’s pretend that’s not how things should work. Let’s pretend this is our company and we are 100% reasonable for it.

A glass jug of water falls and breaks. Do we spend a few minutes trying to come up with a hydro-gravatious-elcrasho name, or do we grab a broom and mop?

And at the end of the day do we look back at our functioning business while being proud, or do we go back to writing down names for everything and focusing on all the stuff that went wrong? Again, bad example, but let’s just pretend we’re doing the normal thing and not drowning in sorrow all day.

Do yo see where I’m going?

Are you focused on all the problems or are you looking for solutions?

“I’m looking for solutions Micah, that’s why I asked if iodine will heal ABC”

No, you are focused on ABC, and you just reiterated that.

Sure, knowing about ABC might help point to a specific imbalance, but we don’t fix complex machines by focusing on single issues. We’re in this situation because we have decades and generations of toxicity zapping our energy. It’s going to take a lot more than just iodine.

So, just focus on potential solutions??

Yes, please. Hydro-gravatious-elcrasho or broom and mop?

Have we checked out symptoms related to stomach acid or read my blurb about how important it is in our overall health on the homepage of my site

Are we learning about and supporting electrolytes

Have we made steps at reducing toxic input and learned some of the ways we can eat cleaner foods

Do we know how to attempt highlighting digestive issues and throwing a handful of helpful nutrients at them like we might if we’re mercury toxic

Are we utilizing Red Light Therapy with a simple “chicken light” bulb

Coffee Enemas?

Have we learned what small amounts of CDG & DIM can do for hormone imbalances which are common?

The placebo effect

I have an interesting perspective of the placebo effect that I think might help put the above situation into perspective.

I think when a person has an illness that they assume is going to hinder them or shorten their life, and then they are provided with a “solution”, they stop stressing as much about their illness because they feel like something is going to take care of the situation for them.

A good way to think about this situation a little differently is if we have a chore to do that we would rather not do, and someone goes “I’ll take care of that chore for you” we might drop a level of stress knowing that we no longer need to take care of that task.

So I think the placebo effect is just the fact that we feel better about a situation and stop stressing about it. Stress works against us in many ways and there is a lot of science to show this.

So here is the problem I see. We are stressing over these diagnosis we have, and it’s causing us to focus on a specific solution while ignoring the mountain of information on how to support the overall system.

I think we’re being told we have ABC so we will buy a solution to ABC.

But instead of focusing on ABC we should focus on a solution and save the ABC in our back pocket for when we have our core system running better and can start focusing on specific toxicities.

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