How much iodine do people take?

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    Micah Coffey
    As we learn about iodine, we will eventually start to question how much iodine we should start taking. But there are several simple issues with this situation.

    • Unless someone is a doctor, they should not tell anyone how much of any nutrient to use. What happens if a reaction occurs and creates a large medical bill, or injury?
    • People on the internet have no idea what your story is like and how it differs from theirs. So my dose may not be your dose.
    • Iodine is one of the most important nutrients in today’s world. This means we could potentially experience drastic results. Hopefully the results are all good, but sometimes we need to re-focus our attention on other nutrients once iodine allows us to start moving forward. If we don’t know what to expect, this could become uncomfortable. But this is why we have online communities for this topic..

    Luckily, we’re (still) able to share our personal stories, which can help anyone that might be interested. By sharing my journey and success with iodine and other nutrients I have been able to help a lot of people find their own path back to wellness. I think we should all find ways to share our story whether we currently need help or we have some energy to share what has helped us move forward.

    Feel free to share your own story about starting iodine and how much you tried at first and how much you ended up using over time. Feel free to introduce yourself and explain a bit about what led you to iodine in the first place. is always available to help anyone calculate or convert drops to mg, but feel free to include the actual iodine amounts to help anyone new to iodine.

    How I started iodine

    1. I started taking small amounts of the supporting nutrients for a few weeks. I did not take each one daily and I did not take much. Unrefined salt was about the only one I used a lot of. I wanted my body to have access to these nutrients but I didn’t want to overdo any without getting my system running better with iodine. Adding unrefined salt to my food was helping me clear my sinuses and feel like I was finally able to hydrate.
    2. I started iodine by placing 1 drop of 2% Lugols liquid on my forearm. I waited 24 hours before trying more just to make sure I didn’t wake up with a crazy headache or anything.
    3. The next day I added 1 drop of 2% to a glass of water and consumed it over the next hour. I continued with 1 drop each day for a week.
    4. The next week I added 2 drops of 2% to water each day. I continued doing this each week and paused for a few days every few weeks to see how my body responded.
    5. A few months later I made my way up to about 30mg and started noticing a lot of the symptoms that led me to iodine in the first place.
    6. I turned to the iodine community for help but everyone just says take more iodine. I was against this idea but I decided maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about so I tried taking more. I worked my way up to several 100mg, and consumed around 2,000mg over the course of 2 weeks or so. Several days after pausing iodine, I woke up one morning feeling like I had been hit by a bus. I had several dozen detox symptoms and some of them were very rough. I discuss this further here
    7. Over time I figured out that anytime I feel detox, I need to pause iodine and look for nutrients that support the symptoms I am experiencing. This was not easy to do at first but it is the key to healing. Before figuring this out, I was running in circles.
    8. By now, about 6 years after starting iodine, I focus on general nutritional balancing which involves dozens of nutrients. As I feel things are in balance and I have energy, I push my way through various amounts of iodine to knock more junk loose. I happen to be very toxic, but this process will take most people several years.

    I have created a lot of resources to help someone wrap their head around iodine. We’re all so different that there isn’t a single starting point.

    A list of dozens of articles I’ve written

    Should someone start iodine?

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    Which iodine should someone use?

    Which iodine do people use?

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