We’re all different in many ways. But our main difference is the amount of toxins we have and the order we were exposed to them. As you dive into this new world of iodine, remember that everyone is in different shape. You may not be as sick as others you read stories about, or you could be worse and need to focus on aspects that others were able to skip.

Knowing where to start requires having a decent idea what shape your body is in.

How different are we?

How tall are you, and how much do you weigh? How old are you? Have you ever had a major sickness and are you missing any organs? Do you have healthy parents?(our mother’s toxic load is passed to us at birth, the toxins of each generation compound) Do you indulge in recreational drugs, including alcohol? Did you eat something as a child that constantly made your stomach upset? How many vaccinations have you received, do you get the flu shot each year? Do you get sick a lot, have you taken antibiotics a lot?

Do you like to play in the mud, get your hands dirty and scrape the mold off cheese before eating it? Or do you carry a bottle of hand sanitizer, strictly obey expiration dates, and only see the sun when walking to your car? Have you traveled to the tropics or other areas where parasites are prevalent? All of this plus a lot more shapes who we are, how we act and what it will take to heal.

So how do I know where to start?

Your best bet is locating an iodine proficient doctor. If you cannot locate one in your area, some do phone and webcam consultations.

If you are not able to obtain advice from a doctor for whatever reason, you can join the many people that became their own health advocates and learned how to heal themselves(which isn’t a bad idea even if you have a great doctor available). Although no one(but your doctor) is allowed to tell you what dose you should take, they are able to tell you how much they took and what worked for them.

Facebook groups

These Facebook groups are a great place to find information. Reading people’s healing stories and questions is different than any other form of health information I’ve found.

Iodine for Beginners

General iodine group

Magnesium Advocacy Group

Read a few books and watch some youtubes

There’s tons of info out there about iodine. Now that you have a better idea of the basics, you can search for resources specific to a condition or how to move forward with iodine as a preventative measure.

The book The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow is great for someone that doesn’t believe in natural healing or what iodine can do. But I think people are starting to catch on that we spend $3 trillion a year on healthcare and we’re getting sicker everyday, if you understand this and believe what iodine can do, maybe skip this one.

Wait, I’m not sick, why would I take this?

You’re not sick, but you’re tired all the time, get sick once or twice a year, have allergies, can’t lose weight or any of the ‘normal’ issues we all have like a 33-50% chance of getting cancer, right?

We’ve made our planet very toxic, that means there is zero chance we aren’t toxic. You may not notice problems now but our bodies cannot perform optimally when this stuff is embedded all over our body.

You should consider yourself lucky, a lot of people don’t find iodine till they are very sick, imagine learning this stuff while you were super sick? I started iodine assuming I wasn’t toxic, I learned how toxic I am the hard way a few times. I had such a hard time understanding iodine dosages at first and felt so bad for someone trying to do so while sick, I created dropulator.com.

Hokay, so what’s next?

This all depends on how sick you are and how devoted you’ll be to this. You still need to:



Thanks for reading, and congrats on finding iodine. I am not a doctor and have zero formal education in nutrition or health. I'm just a smart guy that found a path to total health. The information I provide is available in the books and websites I link to.  More about me

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