How mercury changed my life before it even started

This is my story of how I realized I am most likely mercury toxic since before I was born, and how I started fixing my life with food and supplements by finally giving my body the building blocks its needed to clean and fix itself. I get into a ton of little details and what not because I feel like they are an important part of seeing what is going on for some/a lot of us.

Before getting started, please understand that I have never been to a doctor for blood-work or any type of testing related to toxicity or any of the health related situations or scenarios that have me thinking and sharing the information that I am sharing here. But humans don’t exactly have a great way of measuring a lot of the stuff that actually afflicts our health, in somewhat of a convenient way. I seem to have an innate ability to figure out just about anything I put my mind towards and I believe I’ve figured out how to detox ourselves of most of the toxins our environment is bombarding us with today.

In my early 30s, I ran up a flight of stairs, in an air-conditioned house and became partially winded. It wasn’t alarming in any way, it just stood out to me. Within the next couple weeks or so, I happened to start searching the interwebs with a couple simple health questions and started to realize what we eat each and every day might have something to do with how our body works and feels(duh!). This led me to a ‘diet’ program called Whole 30, which is the idea of eating foods our somewhat recent ancestors ate. So no added sugar, alcohol, dairy, grains, or chemicals and all of that. Although our ancestors consumed some of this stuff, it wasn’t messed with a couple ways that render it pretty much toxic to us by now.

I spent a couple years eating better and realizing a few of the things I’ve been consuming on a somewhat regular basis have been making me feel kinda crappy either right away or the next day or so. One of the




From the Toxicological Profile for Mercury by U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES

Metallic mercury vapors or organic mercury may affect many different areas of the brain and their
associated functions, resulting in a variety of symptoms. These include personality changes
(irritability, shyness, nervousness), tremors, changes in vision (constriction (or narrowing) of the
visual field), deafness, muscle incoordination, loss of sensation, and difficulties with memory.



Thanks for reading, and congrats on finding iodine. I am not a doctor and have zero formal education in nutrition or health. I'm just a smart guy that found a path to total health. The information I provide is available in the books and websites I link to.  More about me

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