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New to iodine? Learn what it is, what ailments people are healing with it, why it's so important for everyday health and how to get started!... Read more
It's been questioned for a while, but the proof is finally here. Iodine deficiency could be a huge player in a lot of cancers.... Read more
Iodine is required for life, when we don't have it, what else can we expect but problems?... Read more
Word on the street says this stuff is toxic. It's hard for something required for life to be toxic though and it's time to put that myth to rest.... Read more
There are a handful of online sources to purchase iodine. The largest issue I've seen is the more popular sources are most likely producing larger batches and allowing their product to sit around a bit longer before it makes it to us... Read more
Once you understand what iodine is and why it’s so important for optimal health, it’s time to figure out how to get it in our body. Taking Lugols Solution-define and SSKI-define drops This is the most common¬†and cheapest¬†method. Some people find it to be inconvenient but I think that depends on lifestyle. Dosage can be [... Read more
Not ready to start drinking this stuff? Understandable! A lot of people start trasndermally for a couple of reasons. Luckily there are... Read more
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