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Our chance of cancer is 1 out of 2

Urinary iodine concentrations in cancer patients

88.1% Severely deficient

7.1% Moderately deficient

2.4% Mildly deficient

A handy info-graphic from Positive Health Wellness

Signs and symptoms of Iodine Deficiency

Familiar faces

The online iodine community has some great people behind it. Some of them are pioneers and have a lot to do with the information we have available today. Others are just great people that have dedicated a lot of their time to helping others learn and find the right path to recovery.

PLEASE NOTE: None of these people are affiliated with this website.

Dr. Brownstein. MD

Dr. Brownstein has a lot to do with iodine making it’s way back into people’s lives. He has tested and developed a common protocol that many people follow with success and he has outlines procedures that many doctors follow to test patients for iodine deficiency. He has authored many books on the subject of iodine and other important health topics.

Visit his website for more information. drbrownstein.com/about

Dr. Theresa Peter. DC MS

Dr. Peter has been doing Iodine Therapy for almost seven years now.  She has worked with hundreds of patients with conditions such as Hashimoto’s, PCOS, Fibrocystic breast disease, Hormonal dysregulation, Hypothyroidism, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, and yes, CANCER! She knows that working individually with your unique biochemistry and health history is how you’re going to achieve your optimal health.  The basic Iodine protocol out there is definitely helpful and a necessary base in most cases. However, some people can not start there, some people need serious adjustments to that protocol based on their current state of health, while others need professional guidance to deal with significant and at times, intense but necessary detoxification symptoms.  Besides, starting with your Iodine Spot and Load test (along with Fl and Br), Dr. Peter assesses and orders other testing as needed such as blood work, various urine analysis, other heavy metal analysis, hormone testing, thyroid and adrenal testing, hair mineral analysis, stool samples etc…  Everything is individualized and only done as necessary to get and keep your health at it’s best.

Dr. Peter’s additional training as a research scientist and Master of Science degree in Industrial Health (how environmental factors affect your organs, glands, endocrine and immune system, etc.) drive her to find the root cause of your dis-ease so you can live as pain free, joyful, and fulfilled as possible. For more info visit: healthupwellness.com/

Stephanie A. Buist, ND HC

Stephanie is a cancer survivor that has been let down by the modern medical world. After years of research, she found a path to health and has devoted countless hours of her life to helping others locate it as well. She has helped so many people locate the resources necessary to heal with iodine and holistic approaches.

Stephanie use to run a yahoo group for iodine and now runs a Facebook group that focuses on Dr. Brownstein’s protocol. For more info about Stephanie, visit her site at: steppingstonesliving.com/about/

Or join her Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/iodine4health/

She also stocks iodine and supporting nutrients on her web store at: steppingstonesliving.com/shop/

Brian Haviland

Brian has helped a countless number of people find the resources they need to heal. He actively participates in several health groups and is an administrator of the Iodine Protocols group. He has also created and maintained several resources people use to understand iodine.

Brian also helped me build Dropulator.com. Without his knowledge and input, dropulator would not be as powerful or easy to use.

We need more Brians in the world 🙂

Jimmy Pittacus

Jimmy has double bachelors degrees in chemistry and biology with masters in environmental chemistry. 30 years working in environmental chemical industry and he’s also got a very solid knowledge of how iodine works with other substances and inside our body. He actively participates in several health groups and does an amazing job explaining things in ways people can understand.

For about the past 10 years, Jimmy has been providing the iodine community with the highest quality liquid Lugols formula. Many people, including myself, have noticed his iodine is more potent than other Lugols solutions for sale. He also produces other useful items like an iodine rollerball.

His products are available on Amazon, eBay and his website.

Shu-i Chen

Shu-i is a rock star. She travels the world learning new information and helping people heal and get their lives back. She practices Traditional Chinese Medicine which has done an amazing job at allowing me to combine my health knowledge into something that makes sense.

Shu-i is very straight forward and provides a lot of tough love. If someone is not ready to go full force with their healing, they may butt heads with her. Be prepared and be on top of your game if you plan on taking her health advice. The only reason I say this, is because I have seen people that are not ready and they butt heads with her and go their separate way, unhealed.

Her knowledge of iodine and foods to support our body is incredible.

Micah Coffey

That’s me! You’ll probably run into me in the Facebook groups or come across resources I’ve put together for iodine. I enjoy researching and have devoted a lot of my time to understanding iodine and how it’s affecting us. I also enjoy sharing information and helping people wrap their head around complex topics.

I’ve devoted a lot of my time to spreading awareness about iodine. I create marketing material and websites for a living and use that knowledge to give iodine a familiar image. If you like the resources I’ve created and would like to see more of them, please consider donating. Even just a few dollars goes a long way.

 Help spread iodine awareness!

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