Another rare vitamin missing from our diet today that you won’t hear about in the mainstream. Back in 1929, vitamin K was found to be essential in allowing blood to clot. We’ve also learned some pretty awesome stuff about it since then.


K1 Phylloquinone is found in leafy greens

This one allows the liver to make stuff that helps our blood clot


K2 Menaquinone is found in animal product and fermented foods

This one is magic, it facilitates in the production of special proteins that help calcium get to the right places in our body. Without it, calcium doesn’t really have a home and ends up in the wrong parts of our body. More humans drop dead today from heart related issues than anything else, even abortion. So anything we can do, in order to help keep calcium from building up around the heart and arteries, would probably be a good thing.

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Sign me up, where do I get it

K1 is probably a bit more common and doesn’t show to be as important. K2 is where we want to focus anyway since heart-pops are a little too common. The best source of K2 comes from a fermented bean, called Natto. Natto is not the most appetizing food, so unless you don’t mind eating stringy, sticky beans that taste a bit like I would have to imagine a foot tastes like, you may want to at least start with the supplemental form of K2.


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