An antioxidant used to buffer the oxidation caused as iodine does its thing in our body. Vitamin C also helps repair symporters-define so they can help iodine get in the cells. Slow and weak symporters will reduce the amount of iodine that can be transferred. Vitamin C is also helpful in removing some toxins.


Technically all vitamin C is ascorbic acid. The synthetic stuff is identical to the natural ascorbic acid. We’re going to call the natural stuff vitamin C and fake stuff ascorbi acid. Naturally, ascorbic acid is a ‘shell’ around a couple other elements: copper enyzme-tyrosinase-define, vitamin K, Bioflavonoids and J factors . So natural vitamin C has these fancy extra things we need and the synthetic ascorbic acid is usually created with corn starch and sulfuric acid…

Whole food vitamin C(from real food such as lemons) may be best because ascorbic acid could possibly contribute to future adrenal fatigue(Our body stores vitamin C in our adrenals). There is large debate over this because some people say ascorbic acid is fine and it doesn’t matter if the natural complex is included or not.

I stick with natural forms anytime I can.


Vitamin C and Lugols iodine

Lugols should not be mixed with beverages that contain vitamin C as this would convert the iodine into iodide, essentially turning Lugols into SSKI-define.

There is a lot of debate over whether the iodine converts to iodide inside our body if we we were to consume them at the same time, but it’s probably not a bad idea to wait 2 hours between consuming the two, just to be safe.

Which vitamin C or ascorbic acid is best?

Blending whole organic lemons is best, start slow

The Douglas Labs Natural C is recommended by a lot of people and contains a Bioflavonoid Complex

Rainbow Light Super C has some natural extracts added that might assist the ascorbic acid

Usana Proflavanol® C100 provides a top of the line supplement with Bioflavonoids

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It is recommended to take about 2,000-5,000mg per day while taking iodine. I try to get most of my vitmin C from food and supplement when I’m probably not getting enough.



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