An antioxidant used to buffer the oxidation caused as iodine does its thing in our body. Vitamin C also helps repair symporters-define so they can help iodine get in the cells. Slow and weak symporters will reduce the amount of iodine that can be transferred. Vitamin C is also helpful in removing some toxins and aiding digestion.


Technically all vitamin C is ascorbic acid. The synthetic/man-made stuff is identical to nature’s form of ascorbic acid. Naturally, ascorbic acid has a ‘shell’ around it that contain a couple other elements: copper enyzme-tyrosinase-define, vitamin K, Bioflavonoids and J factors. Some people think consuming large amounts of synthetic ascorbic acid can lead to adrenal fatigue, due to the missing tyrosinase. Synthetic ascorbic acid is usually created with corn starch and sulfuric acid.

I stick with natural forms anytime I can. Whole food vitamin C(from real food such as organic lemons) provides much more than just ascorbic acid.


Vitamin C and Lugols iodine

Lugols should not be mixed with beverages that contain vitamin C as this would convert the iodine into iodide, essentially reducing Lugols into SSKI-define.

There is a lot of debate over whether the iodine converts to iodide when inside our body as we consume them at the same time. There is a chance that part of Lugol’s is reduced to a toxic element, so it’s a good idea to wait 2 hours between consuming iodine and vitamin c, just to be safe.

What if I have issues taking Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a powerful compound, which is great for our healing efforts. But, depending on how our body is currently operating, vitamin C can be irritating in several ways.

Not all vitamin C is created equal. So the quality of the powder itself could potentially irritate just about anything it makes it’s way past as we consume it. Some of the lower quality vitamin C will be stripped down to pure ascorbic acid, which is the active component of vitamin C, but is also an acid. The fact that we are consuming moderate to large quantities of an acid, could be a cause for discomfort. I use Sodium Ascorbate to help buffer the acid, but there are other versions that can help this situation.

Other possibilities include a detox reaction. Our skin, organs, tissues, stomach lining etc can become a breeding ground for various types of life forms, whether foreign invaders, or residents that have evolved with us and usually help keep our health in check when things are running smoothly. If the vitamin C is able to assist our body in attacking these, or just the acidic nature of the vitamin C, we may notice discomfort as the bad guys leave and clean up begins.

Improper stomach acid may allow the acidity of vitamin C to cause discomfort. Our stomach acid is one of our first lines of defense from foreign invaders, it’s important that it is running at the correct pH. There are various resources on the internet that may help someone determine their stomach acid levels, or a natural based doctor may be able to help.

Taking too much too quickly can overload our body’s ability to utilize vitamin C. If this happens, our body has to figure out how to eject the extra, which technically means it’s toxic at that point. Most people will notice this in the form of having to rush to the bathroom, but some people are affected differently. I had very minor digestive discomfort when I started taking larger doses of vitamin C. I just reduced the dose for a while and eventually increased slowly.

Which vitamin C or ascorbic acid is best?

Other options include blending whole organic lemons. It is best to start slow with whole food vitamin C.

The Douglas Labs Natural C is recommended by a lot of people due to it’s Bioflavonoid Complex

Rainbow Light Super C has some natural extracts added that might assist the ascorbic acid


Next – Magnesium

It is recommended to take about 2,000-5,000mg per day while taking iodine. I try to get most of my vitmin C from food and then supplement when I’m probably not getting enough. Anytime I haven’t been taking vitamin C regularly, I tend to start slow to avoid possible digestive discomfort.



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