Not ready to start drinking this stuff? Understandable! A lot of people start trasndermally for a couple of reasons. Our body is able to absorb transdermal applications quickly, some people apply it directly to cysts or other issues.


Using Lugols on the skin

Lugols-define can be applied directly to the skin but some people may have irritation if they do not dilute it enough. I do fine with a few drops of 2% directly on my skin. Lugols is pretty dark and stains the skin with a barf kinda color for anywhere from a few hours to a day or so.


Using SSKI on the skin

SSKI-define is clear and contains only potassium iodide. Our body is able to use some of this and convert it to iodine but most people recommend Lugols-define so we get both forms.


SSKI Rollerball

Jimmy over at 3rdi has a rollerball with a blend of stuff that helps us absorb it. The rollerball makes application much easier, especially on the go. Check it out here


Checking for deficiency

Some people think applying Lugols-define and seeing how quickly it absorbs is a good way of checking your iodine levels but there are too many factors. Even proper tests can report false iodine levels.




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