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I was 35 at the time I started iodine, I went into it assuming I was generally healthy. I abused alcohol to an extent for a long time and might have smoked a pot or two, so I had an idea my liver and kidneys might be kinda clogged. Everything was going smoothly till I got to about 40mg of iodine.

Usually when I would start getting detox symptoms, I could back off the iodine or take a break from it for a few days and be able to continue. But each time I would resume at my 40ish mg, I would get too foggy and not be able to work and stuff. I took a break and read about high dose iodine and decided to try it (more about all of this in Low and slow vs high dose) I restarted at 50mg and tried 100, 150 and just under 200mg for about a week. Ooof, that was a bad idea.


I don’t feel so hot

This happened to me because I pushed more toxins than my organs could handle at the time, as long as you don’t push too much too quickly, you shouldn’t have to worry about this part.

Our liver and kidneys filter bad stuff out, our liver does a lot of other stuff too and is very important to a lot of systems in our body. After messing around with some foods, herbs and supplements, I feel like it’s important to work on the liver first or at least at the same time as the kidneys. I didn’t feel stuff start happening in my kidneys till I started supporting my liver.


Focus on the liver

After years of reading, I’ve come to the conclusion the our liver is one of the most important things to focus on for overall health. We should avoid loading it with toxins in the first place but that is unavoidable anymore. There are foods that help support the liver which are great to include or almost switch your diet over to. But the liver is a powerhouse that can make use of various substances to make some serious detox happen. So we have a couple things at our finger tips, foods, supplements and coffee enemas.


Liver supporting foods

Beets – flavonoids help the liver get er` done. Betaine from a supplement called TMG.

Cruciferous Vegetables – are amazing in so many ways(except when raw). Make a serious push to get these things in your diet. Cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, bok choy, etc. Broccoli sprouts(which are ok raw) have some very potent substances in them that we can make use of for detox.

Leafy Greens – have antioxidants and other minerals we need for everything else, plus they help regulate digestion and clean out some of our insides. Dandelion greens are especially potent for the liver, spinach might be worth avoiding for people with kidney stones. We require folate from these leafy greens, and also protein to run the beginning of our nutrient engine.

Lemons – add flavor to anything and provide an excellent source of vitamin C and other goodies. Some people blend whole organic lemons to access the awesome. Lemon juice is pasteurized and imbalanced.

Avocados – contain very healthy fats and antioxidants. Dont’ go overboard with these though. I think 3-4 per week was recommended a few places.

Walnuts – are filled with excellent stuff that is great for our body in general. These are usually good in small amounts a few times a day, don’t pig out on them.

Turmeric – is a powerhouse and adds a nice flavor to some dishes. Use black pepper and a healthy fat to activate turmeric and don’t go crazy, a lot of turmeric is contaminated with heavy metals, so I only sprinkle it on black pepper and healthy fat food randomly.



TMG – Trimethylglycine

We would usually get this from our diet but we don’t eat enough of the good stuff(mainly all the stuff above) to get enough of this and keep up with all the stress factors we expose ourselves to daily. Even if you eat a lot of the foods above, your body may not be in the right shape to absorb and use it properly ATM. And even then, our food might be pretty depleted of it by now. The supplement form commonly comes in 1000mg pills. Dr. Wilson recommends up to 1000mg per day for women and 3000mg per day for men. Read more about it here

This ‘NOW’ brand absorbs moisture and deteriorates somewhat quickly. I purchased this one because I figured the one that breaks down the quickest doesn’t have a bunch of extra junk to keep it from doing that.

I eventually tried Choline several months after TMG. I felt a bit of the same symptoms/healing reactions as when I took TMG, but even more. These two both run the other main methylation channel parallel to MTHFR, and can help produce SAMe, which helps with mental balance. Here is a Choline & Inositol supplement. If someone were to try this, they may want to go very slow with it. I break apart or open capsules and add them to a glass of water, drinking it slowly and paying attention to how I feel.

Milk Thistle – Silymarin w/Turmeric

Milk Thistle has so many benefits associated with it. Apparently it can help clean up free radicals. I don’t take it often but when I do I notice myself clearing more mucus out of my nose and throat, and then I am able to breathe better.

A lot of people claim milk thistle helps their skin look and feel better. A lot of skin conditions are linked to liver function.

MSM – Methylsulfonylmethane

Naturally present in fruits, vegetables, grains, animal products, and some algae.

MSM is a sulfur-bearing compound that is found in all body cells and is indispensable to life.

Some people take MSM for skin and hair health, or pain and sleeping issue. I found great relief from my mercury symptoms.

Coffee Enemas have been around a while

Update: “I’ve learned recently that Coffee Enemas should not be performed until the kidneys are filtering optimally. Chances are if our liver is clogged, so are our kidneys. I hope to get into kidneys more some day but do not have time atm. Look into Lindsay’s nails and Terry’s nails to make an attempt at figuring out if ours are clogged. There are foods and supplements that help support kidneys, I believe teas are also very beneficial. There is a blend called Backyard kidney tea which could be made in your backyard if you have the stuff or you can purchase the ingredients online or locally sometimes. Moritz’s kidney tea is also a good blend but I believe is a little stronger and you should have an idea what you are consuming before just starting it. Dr. Moritz has a book somewhere about how to make and use this tea.” I still do coffee enemas with my kidneys clogged, I just pay attention to how I feel and usually only do them once a week or less.

I won’t get into them much here but these things are the bees knees when it comes to gaining health. The reason this does anything is because we have a special set of veins in our bum that transports something in the organic coffee, directly to our liver. This allows our liver to do like 200 or 600 times as much detox as usual and seems to be rather safe. There are people that have done coffee enemas daily for 40+ years and lived healthy lives. Some people use coffee enemas while naturally healing through cancer.

Once we get past the ick facter, these things aren’t really all that bad. People have no problem eating and drinking things we know we shouldn’t but right when it comes to drinking stuff up the butt we cringe? Lol just kidding, this is weird af but what are you gonna do? die?


Once we have a better idea how detox works, let’s checkout The Supporting Nutrients



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