Salt has gotten a pretty bad name for a while now, a lot of studies said it was really bad for us. And when you look at the type of salt they studied, it makes sense. They didn’t study natural salt that humans have been consuming for eons, they studied man made NaCl mixed with yummy stuff like aluminum silicate, corn sugar, silicon dioxide and calcium silicate. So by giving this toxic pile of chemicals to humans in large quantities, their health reacted poorly to it, just as one would expect. What most people don’t know is unrefined salt is important for our health.


We NEED salt?

Humans sweat, cry, bleed, and urinate salty substances. First of all, that sounds like salt is important to a lot of processes in our body, and that means we’re going to lose this stuff over time.

It supplies our body with over 80 essential elements, it regulates our blood pressure and balances blood sugar. Our cells need it to eventually be able to expel toxins via potassium and start properly generating energy. It helps us sleep and prevents muscle cramps. You name it and some type of function in our body most likely depends on salt at one point or another.


Which unrefined salt is best?

I believe Grey Celtic Salt is the best, I get 5 pounds at a time for less than $20 but I use it for fermenting so I go through it quicker than most probably would. This usually comes in a very coarse size salt grain, you can grind it somehow to use in a shaker but I just sprinkle the large pieces on my food, I love hitting a salt crunch.

A lot of people swear by Redmond Real Salt which is just another brand/type of unrefined sea salt. I haven’t done solid math in this but I feel like this one is too expensive. Maybe if I didn’t have a ton of Pink Himalayan salt, I would use this for the salt shakers.

I use to be a huge fan of the Pink Himalayan salt but I came across information saying this stuff might be contaminated with residue from the dynamite used in its mining process. I may continue using this anyway, but I have stopped using it for ferments or anything requiring a lot of salt.

Avoid just about anything else, especially things like ‘black volcanic salt’ which is just salt and activated carbon. Consuming activated carbon regularly is not a good idea as it might strip away beneficial minerals.

If you are a salt lover, you must check out Black Himalayan Salt it has some amazing flavor. Apparently, it is Himalayan salt cooked down with certain herbs, which produces a unique sulfur. This sulfur adds flavor to just about anything it’s consumed with and may also provide some with extra healing effects. There are stories of Shamans using it to help people’s eyesight. I noticed it help my eyes when I started consuming it. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes focused by the end of the day and this pretty much made that go away. Plus I like to get different types of sulfur as I work on removing my mercury. Warning, it smells and tastes like rotten eggs. That is the point of it though, check out the 1 star comments for some interesting descriptions.


Salt Loading for bromine detox

There is a method called Salt Loading used to help capture and remove bromine that can be knocked loose when we take iodine. Read more about Salt Loading here


It is recommended that we take about 1/2 tsp per day of unrefined salt while taking iodine. There have been many days that I have consumed up to a TABLESPOON of Celtic salt in a day via my food and munching on it. Celtic salt is very course, so a tablespoon holds less salt than a very fine salt. But I was surprised how much salt I was able to consume and continue to feel better.

Salt was a big part of my healing, if you haven’t yet, check out my write up about Low and Slow iodine.



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