Available under several brand names, nascent iodine is sometimes referred to as atomic iodine, monatomic iodine and atomidine. Nascent iodine is in an atomic form. This means it has an incomplete number of electrons, giving it an electromagnetic charge. According to some, this allows nascent to be absorbed and utilized easier by our body.

The issue I see with nascent is it’s too expensive for such a low strength iodine. I believe the cheapest I’ve seen nascent is still twice as expensive as the most expensive Lugols-define 2%.

I have not seen any stories of people switching from Lugols-define or SSKI-define to Nascent and finally finding healing.

Most of the time when I see someone pushing Nascent, they seem to be profiting from it.

So, there is nothing wrong with nascent, but it does not seem to be worth the price.


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