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MTHFR happens when mom and dad are low on bio-available zinc and make a baby and continue a diet that causes this low zinc condition. Folic acid that is added to food products and supplements can add to the condition as well. The worse the condition becomes, the less ability the person has to grow properly, think properly, and most importantly, detox properly.

If a person cannot detox properly and they live in the same toxic world as everyone else, they’re probably going to be affected more and have more health issues. If an infant has a severe case of this condition and gets injected with the large amounts of toxic vaccines to employ today, we should be able to expect just about anything and everything to go wrong.

To fix this situation, we have to consume a lot of high quality veggies and learn about supporting our liver and kidneys so we can start catching up. Our gut is probably messed up from the toxins that have built up as well, so fermented foods and possibly some bone broth could help.



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