Hi, I’m just a regular guy that fell down the rabbit hole of natural health. In my late 20’s I started to feel my body age and wasn’t happy about it, so I started researching. My wife and I started eating clean and were amazed at how great it made us feel, so I kept going. For the past 7 years I have been researching a lot of different aspects of health from a lot of different angles.

I think I figured out the first few steps to healing almost any degenerative disease with nature. I don’t mean I figured out how to cure anything or that I understand exactly what’s going on. I just noticed a pattern and would like to share the information with others, allowing them to finish the research they find important and make up their own mind.

No matter what we depend on another person for, it’s very wise to educate ourselves on the situation or risk getting sub-par results. What is more important in this world than our health? Becoming our own healing advocate empowers us to reach for a very healthy life no matter what our situation. Doctors are human, humans make mistakes. And nobody knows your body better than you.

Why me if I don’t really know what I’m doing

I’m kinda smart and grew up with a passion for understanding everything. I spent my whole life seeing how things work and knowing I could fix them but being pushed aside most of the time by the idea I was not educated in that field.

I grew up in the 80’s playing on a computer, they weren’t exactly easy to use back then. I learned how to fix and rebuild small engines as a kid and was always taking things apart and having decent success fixing them. I don’t learn the same as others though, I only made it out of the 7th grade the second time around because I built and documented the CCTV system in my school because my principal saw my talent and allowed me to be critiqued on that job. Then I wouldn’t have graduated high school if I didn’t hack the network and change my grades..

I could go on for a while with this but what I am trying to get at is I don’t learn through the education system but I have a lot of confidence in myself that I can figure out how to do anything I put my mind to.

I can’t sit on the side line while fellow humans and our pets continue to suffer. Which is where the creation of this website comes in.


What is this site?

Iodine is a very odd thing and very annoying to wrap your head around at first, especially if someone is sick. It took me a long time and a lot of searching to find all the information I wanted.  I also had a heck of a time remembering which dose was which and how many drops of what strength it took to make a dose. So about a year before this project I made a simple calculator called Dropulator to help take that layer of confusion away. But as I continued down the path of iodine, I realized there was much more of an issue.

There are tons of resources available online for iodine. Most of them look like they are from the 90’s and a lot of them don’t have all the info or don’t go into depth enough on important issues. My goal with this site is to first break the info down into sections so it’s easier to wrap your head around. Then I try to explain the overall situation for each aspect and when necessary go into further detail and link to other pages.

This site is still new and still has known issues but please let me know if you have issues or questions about it or the information I share.


What’s next?

This site is slowly evolving into more than iodine. Once other sections become large enough, I may move them to their own site to make this easier. Follow me for help tips and info, join Iodine for Beginners or contact me.

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Thanks for reading, and congrats on finding iodine. I am not a doctor and have zero formal education in nutrition or health. I'm just a smart guy that found a path to total health. The information I provide is available in the books and websites I link to.  More about me

I've been researching a process in our body called methylation. It's helped me move forward with healing and my detox with iodine. Check out my other site SickOfTired.com

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The contents of this website, such as graphics, text, images, and other material contained on the website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. This Site and the Content are provided on an "as is" basis.