Lugols Solution is a mixture of iodine that is safe* for consumption within proper dosage amounts. It is a deep redish/brown color and smells a bit like bleach to some people.

Lugols was first produced by a French physician Jean Lugol in 1829. Originally it was only produced in a 5% strength. But today it’s made in various strengths including 2%, 5% and even 46% etc. This % just makes it easier to adjust the amount of iodine in each drop.

*Iodine itself is a required nutrient and therefor safe to consume. An issue arises as iodine is introduced to an overly toxic person or animal. Iodine is capable of chelating metals. If a person consumes enough iodine to chelate more metals than their body can process in time, they can essentially poison themselves, which is capable of resulting in death. This is not common and can be avoided by started with a very low amount of the nutrient at first.

What lugols is made of


is a naturally occurring element essential for human growth and metabolic function. Its atomic number is 53 and its chemical symbol I. Elemental iodine is two iodine atoms bonded together, it’s molecular formula is I2.


is the ion state of iodine, occurring when iodine bonds with another element, such as potassium. In this form, iodine can be ingested or applied topically.

Why does it contain two types of iodine?

Our body is apparently able to convert potassium iodide-define into the iodine(I2) that some body parts prefer. When we consume both forms, our body most likely saves energy by not having to convert one form into the other. Our thyroid seems to enjoy Potassium Iodide form whereas breasts, ovaries and prostates seem to dig the Iodine(I2) form.

Lugols is most commonly used

2% Lugols is the most common Iodine for beginners.

The only other commonly recommended formulation of iodine is SSKI-define because it is clear, making it a bit easier to apply transdermally. SSKI is Potassium Iodide, and is one of the ingredients of Lugols.

The strength % situation

Lugols comes in different strengths.

This strength can be looked at the same way we see a strong or weak glass of alcohol. Its the same amount of liquid, but a lower strength drink may get us tipsy as a stronger strength drink may knock us on our butt.

Or the sweetness of a cake. We get the same size bite of cake, but a cake with more sugar, tastes much sweeter than the same bite of cake that had less sugar used in it’s creation.

Lugols is 1 part Elemental Iodine(I2) and 2 parts Potassium Iodide and water. No matter what the strength is, it’s always 1 part of I2, 2 parts of Potassium Iodide. The strength changes as we fluctuate how much distilled water we use.

Lugols solution/recipe gained popularity because it allows us to suspend more iodine into a usable form. The only drawback to this breakthrough of a solution, is the fact that it will not work at any and all strengths. Some weird chemistry comes into play and causes only certain amounts to remain stable(mixed). This is where we get a handful of common strengths like 2, 4, 5, 23, 46 etc. Those strengths just happen to be ratios that worked, but remember, all of them are still 1 part I2 to 2 parts Potassium Iodide, anything outside of that 1:2 ratio of those two ingredients, is not Lugols( and probably won’t suspend properly).

Using different strengths

Unless you are making your own Lugols, the only thing you need to worry about is what strength % your Lugols is.

If we had two drops side by side, one drop of 2% and one drop of 4%. The drop of 2% contains 2.5mg of combined Iodine(i2) & Potassium Iodide. And the 4% drop has 5mg of total combined Iodine.

So both drops are still Lugols Iodine Solution, but one contains twice as much “Strength” as the other. This allows us to find a good strength, that works well for the amount of iodine we would like to consume.

Luckily, I have created so nobody needs to worry about any of this. Just plugin the strength % of your Lugols and adjust the drops till you find your dose, or see how much of a dose you might get with X amount of drops.

Do you have any questions about Lugols?

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