Lugols Solution is a mixture of iodine that is safe for consumption within proper dose amounts. It is a deep redish/brown color and smells a bit like bleach to some people.

  • 1 Part Elemental Iodine-define
  • 2 Parts Potassium Iodide-define
  • Distilled Water

Lugols was first produced by a French physician Jean Lugol in 1829. Originally this was only produced in a 5% strength. But today it’s made in various strengths including 2%, 5% and even 46%. This % just makes it easier to adjust the amount of iodine in each drop.

What lugols is made of


is a naturally occurring element necessary for human growth and metabolic function.its atomic number of 53 and its chemical symbol I. Elemental iodine is two iodine atoms bonded together.


is the ion state of iodine, occurring when iodine bonds with another element, such as potassium. In this form, iodine can be ingested or applied topically.


combines these into a form that is safe for us to ingest. This way we get both of the forms our body can use.

Why does it contain two types of iodine?

Our body is apparently able to convert potassium iodide-define into the iodine that some body parts prefer. By providing this other form, our body most likely saves energy. Our thyroid seems to dig the potassium iodide forms whereas breasts, ovaries and prostates seem to dig the iodine forms.

Lugols is best

2% Lugols is the most recommended iodine type for beginners.

3rdi Iodine Solutions brand iodine is the most recommended brand in groups focused on true health.

The only other recommended formulation of iodine is usually SSKI-define because it is clear, making it a bit easier to apply transdermally.

Do you have any questions about Lugols?

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