It has been suggested time and time again, that some cancers may be influenced by iodine deficiency. But in a world full of profit generating drugs, who has time or money to study something that costs pennies on the dollar and isn’t patent-able? If I had to guess, the people producing the thyroid meds that more Americans take than any other medication, and the people pushing chemotherapy, aren’t going to study iodine and put themselves out of business..

Luckily, we’re starting to see some studies make their way through the bureaucracy. One new study is hard to ignore. Although it’s test pool was very small, 85 people is still a lot of people.


According to the WHO/IC C IDD/UNIC EF classification

88.1% <20μg/L (severe)

7.1% 20–49 (mild)

2.4% 50–99 (moderate)











Total Deficiency

They based iodine deficiency on a World Health Organization’s standard for amounts of iodine excreted in the urine. We’ll let it slide for now, but who is to say those numbers are correct? Very few people are studying iodine but now they know how little we need? Who is to say the minimum we need to prevent goiter is the same we need to prevent cancer?


Wouldn’t we see this deficiency in other ways?

The most common story I am seeing play out is:

  • Teenage female complains of pelvic area pain, is also fatigued.
  • Eventually ovarian cysts or fibrocystic breasts form.
  • Even with action taken, breast and/or thyroid cancer develops.
  • Thyroid is nuked with radiation.

This is just one of many situations that might be avoidable with iodine.

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