In most iodine information you’ll find online, this supplement is considered optional. It’s usually only recommended for people with lots of brain fog, fatigue or existing thyroid condition. I’m still confused as to why this is considered optional, as I continue to look into it, I continue to find more reasons to include it.


Detox is no fun

If you are like me, a human with a job, detoxing is very inconvenient. There’s nothing like sitting down at work and feeling like you’ve got a massive hang over after celebrating 4th of July weekend. At least when it’s a hangover, you have yourself to blame and maybe some funny memories. Chances are detox won’t have as many fun memories and a massive hangover would probably sound like a great alternative. So, anything you can do to avoid detox is probably going to be in your best interest. If you can afford these supplements, give this one a whirl while you start iodine.


Niacin might be very important for some people

Alcoholism, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular, children with learning and/or behavioral disorders, juvenile diabetes, schizophrenia, dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia and death are just some of the things niacin might do wonders for. It also helps support the adrenals and mitochondria, which both help us have energy throughout the day. After realizing all of this, it just seems silly to leave this out. I think I am one of the people that requires this to handle the iodine protocol properly and I went through heck by not having it.

This and selenium really helped lift a feeling I’ve had for a long time. Sometimes I would get a feeling of tunnel vision and/or lightheaded but never a solid feeling I could describe, other than just feeling off at times. I had stopped both of these for a little while continuing iodine and my tunnel vision issue came around. I took 200mcg of selenium and almost instantly felt better. I started 2 pills of ATP and within a few days, I felt a bit more pep in my step and my brain was working a little clearer.


That’ll never happen to me!

Once I realized how much better ATP/niacin made me feel, I started looking into it more. Turns out, I can check off a few of the things niacin might help. I didn’t pay attention in school and I have always gone through phases of dry skin and minor skin issues. I have always had a tendency to crack jokes or say things randomly that people find very odd, I don’t consider myself schizo but my mind enjoys leaving reality when joking, I consider that close enough. I had a bit of a run in with alcohol, I never went overboard but I drank many beers for many years, enough to consider it alcoholism. Last but not least.. wait, what was I just talking about? ya.. I’m pretty sure I have very early stages of something dementia/Alzheimer’s related. I think a lot of us think this is normal but I’m starting to think that is not the case. Nothing frustrates me than passionately explaining some complex scenario and, um, wtf was I talking about? &#%*, oh yea.. ..completely drawing a blank and having my current thoughts wiped like I just got M.I.B. flashy thingied. About the last thing I want in life is to lose my mind if I do get a chance to get old. ATP, heavy metal detox and parasite cleanse have made their way to the top of my list.


Any of this hit home?

If anything I just talked about is familiar to you, consider looking into niacin some more. I overlooked it for a long time and hope I haven’t caused any permanent damage as a result.

ATP Cofactors- Vitamins B-2 and B-3

  • 100mg of Riboflavin
  • 500mg of Niacin (as Inositol hexanicotinate) per tablet.

This is the non flushing type. There is another type of niacin that will cause a special type of detox. I may get into this later but google should help if you are interested.



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